Running Man 런닝맨 EP468 20190915 SBS

유재석과 하하는 커플 무대로 ‘슈퍼-X’라는 남성 듀엣을 결성하여 ‘Hollywood’라는 멋진 무대를 선보이게 된다.

Running Man is a Korean variety show forming part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. It first aired on July 14, 2010, and as of 2015, is currently the longest-running program. The main MC of Running Man is Yoo Jae-suk and this show is the real variety show focused on funny games. It aris on every Sunday at 4:50pm.

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☞ Playlist for more funnny scenes from ‘Running Man’:


34 thoughts on “[커플 무대] ‘슈퍼 X’ 유재석X하하, 스페셜 스테이지 ‘Hollywood♬’ 《Running Man》런닝맨 EP468

  1. All of the original songs are on Spotify. Look up “Running Man Fan Meeting” it’s an album!

  2. Los AMOOOOO son lo mejor me ponen de muy buen humor siempre ,los veo siempre desde MEXICO un abrazo grande nfelices 9 años yque sean muchos mas

  3. So now it is Saturday Sadurday festival version Running man?! I really miss the old running man

  4. Jaesuk oppa and haha oppa Is the best couple 👍 i love It so much
    Running Man Fighthing!!!!!!💖💖
    Happy anniversary🎉🎆

  5. now im loving this song pls release the official song and instrumental pls… and is just me or anyone else repeating this scene 1:21 😁😁😁

  6. okay but i need this song in my playlist asap I’ll be waiting for an official audio🙏🏽🔥

  7. I hope all the songs are uploaded to spotify or something, I NEED IT. ❤❤❤

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