Join us Thursday at 5:00 pm ET LIVE from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This will be our first time back in Hollywood Studios since the closure. I can’t wait to get back on Tower of Terror and grab a Ronto Wrap in Batuu! We hope to see you there. #HollywoodStudios #DisneysHollywoodStudios #WaltDisneyWorld

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Hi my name is Cory. My wife Stephanie and I love Disney. We enjoy vlogging our experiences including other fun events around Orlando. We are both Florida born and raised and enjoy exploring the ever expanding Orlando and Central Florida area. You can rest assured that our videos will ALWAYS be family friendly. Thank you for watching and be sure to SUBSCRIBE for more!


23 thoughts on “🔴 Live: Disney’s Hollywood Studios Now Open | Walt Disney World Live Stream

  1. Wow another great stream. They just keep getting better and better. I love watching them again on the replay to see if there was something I missed on the live version. Thanks again.

  2. I'm curious if there's a good variety of photo pass opportunities in the parks? Was going to purchase it but wondering if it's worth it.

  3. Fantastic streams over the past few days Cory, it's great to see you back at epcot and Hollywood studios too, I'm definitely gonna have to find an Orlando vacation for the family, stay safe, god bless and all the best from the UK near Liverpool

  4. Loved the bonus parking lot stream at the end and of course the Skyliner! Thanks again for some great content!

  5. Great stream tonight – MMRR and going on TOT twice is great!! Fun story – between 1999 and 2007 I averaged about 3 trips down to Disney almost each year. One trip in 1999 I specially marked and hid a penny in the queue of TOT (didn't go anywhere I wasn't supposed to go to hide it) and I was able to check on it each time thereafter when I went back to see if it had been moved or removed. As of the last time I was there in 2007 the penny was still safely in the same spot – undisturbed. 🙂 Congrats on 26K!!

  6. Have a great day at Hollywood studios and be safe and happy birthday don't forget to ride tower of terror that's an awesome ride.

  7. I can’t wait see Xmas decorations at Disney , universal studios, sea world on live streams ( in 5 months left ). / I hope hope they decorate the skyline stations for Christmas season this year 🎄

  8. i love that you push so many great channels glad to be a part of this ! you'll be there soon enough cory thanks buddy!also rise is amazing!

  9. Such a fun stream tonight, Cory! We had a lot of laughs watching you go on rides! Thank you.🙂

  10. Thanks for a great stream tonight. Tower of Terror was awesome, I was cracking up, and the bonus footage is always a treat!

  11. I Enjoy your videos . And Your YouTube name I Love it Very Clever as I Love Boy Meets World . Many Blessings to You

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