*** Celebrity Dentist Office Pets is doggone fun! Test your dental skills on famous, Hollywood animals! Help these pampered pets with tooth decay! ***

➡️ Download (iOS): https://apps.apple.com/us/app/celebrity-dentist-pets-doctor/id708649949
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➡️App Description:
Select your Celebrity Pet and become a Vet Dentist cleaning canines, molars, tartar, decay and more! Does your famous Doggy have kibble in his teeth? How about your Grumpy Kitty’s plaque build-up?

Make your Celebrity Pets’ teeth shine pearly white for the Red Carpet!

Celebrity Dentist Office Pets features:
-4 Adorable Pets- Boo dog, Uggie dog, Darwin monkey, Grumpy cat
-Pet Friendly Dental Tools
-Tons of Kooky Stickers
-Fix cavities, plaque, decay and more
-Bling the Teeth with Jewels
-Variety of Paint Colors for your Pet’s Grill
-Funny Animal Sounds


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