Shia LaBeouf is outrapping some full time rappers!! Who knew? This major Hollywood actor came by Sway in the Morning just to casually kill our 5 Fingers of Death.

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50 thoughts on “#1 MC in Hollywood: Shia LaBeouf Freestyles 5 Fingers of Death with Oswin Benjamin | Sway's Universe

  1. he is a monster!
    PEOPLE that is straight off the dome and not those fucking 95% prewritten garbage!
    greetings from germany
    shia nuff said!!!

  2. This is why hip hop will always be a part of me… I love all music and culture and where hip sad but there is a ton of great amazing rappers. Love this

  3. This raw talent,he'd be a great spitter had he chose a different carreer path and fine tuned that talent into perfection

  4. Really no one here is going to talk about Oswin though? Okay, there's the exact problem with hip-hop. Shia was sick, but Oswin is a fucking gift. It's not often an MC comes around with his level of skill but it's common for them to just get overlooked.

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