From animated failures to Disney disasters, we’re counting down the 10 Worst Hollywood Box Office Flops of All Time (adjusted for inflation). Sorry kids….no refunds.

Our list:

10: CutThroat Island
9: Titan A.E.
8: John Carter
7: Adventures of Pluto Nash
6: Final Fantasy the Spirits Within
5: The Alamo
4: Stealth
3: Heaven’s Gate
2: Town & Country
1: Supernova


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23 thoughts on “10 Biggest Hollywood Box Office Flops of All Time (adjusted for inflation)

  1. He called Pluto Nash a spaced-theme shit fest. What was even worst was Dave.

  2. I think Heaven's Gate is one of those films that you either love or hate. It's so over-indulgent.
    The roller skating scene, for example, is entirely unnecessary, but is one of my favorite scenes.

  3. Titan A.E. was an amazing film though. I don't know why it lost so much money.

  4. I thought Final Fantasy The Spirits Within had a cult following. If not, we'll make one–cult, that is

  5. No good westerns in the 1980s? You obviously never saw "Silverado". Lawrence Kasdan and a great ensemble cast with a modest budget ($23m) produced a good movie and a good return ($32m).

  6. some of these flops could have banked if the company had marketed them better

  7. Sad about Titan AE – I thought that movie was pretty good. The love BS between the main characters was stupidly forced, but otherwise really liked that movie.

    …and Stealth? Yeah… Jessica Biel is damn fine.

  8. I laughed my ass off on point. I saw Supernova disappointed.  The flop movies most of them I never saw.

  9. I subbed, watched the video and Like. I hope for reciprocity.

  10. I literally don't know what to say except, great video. I have no comments because I haven't seen any of these movies

  11. i have seen all of those movies and absolutely hated every last one of them

  12. I have a video where I interviewed Jackie Goehner as Vampirella but at the start of the video I have a snippet of her dressed as Dejah Thoris from the John Carter movie… Way hotter than the movie version!

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