10 Celebrities who were forced to lose weight for a role.
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We like to think that celebrities got to where they are because they’re so obviously unlike the rest of us. Aside from talent and hard work, they’re blessed with the genetic lottery of looking so good. But for a lot of Hollywood executives, this isn’t enough. So many celebrities have almost lost out on roles and entire careers just because of one thing: their weight. For a Hollywood executive or studio president, there seems to be no such thing as too thin. Should weight be a deciding factor in who gets the role? For Hollywood at the moment, the answer is yes. Both male and female stars have gotten the stick for not losing enough weight or being thin enough. From veterans like Kate Winslet to newcomers like Hayley Atwell, no star is safe from the dreaded “loser e more weight!” command from producers and directors. Keep watching to see who else had to succumb to Hollywood’s strict weight rules. Tell us what you think in the comments!

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44 thoughts on “10 Stars Who Had To Lose Weight For Hollywood's Rules

  1. Lily Collins actually mentioned in an interview that she didn't needed to lose weight for the role as she was already skinny enough, but she did it so that she would make it more authentic.

  2. Wait… Ashley Benson is a size 2? How can that be when Barbara Pelvin is a size 8? Are they talking US dress sizes? I'm not saying Ashley is big, she doesn't look any smaller than a US size small.

  3. Sorry but a lot of roles require different body types. This is your JOB. Take it or leave it. I see no problem with losing weight for your career.

  4. the industry standards don’t make sense to me. actresses and models are supposed to look like normal people so they’re relatable and we like them. but they’re forced to be incredibly thin for no reason

  5. This is ridiculous and it's even more sad that girls Feed into this crap

  6. How can a size 2 possibly be fat??!! This is SO sad that women get treated like this.

  7. Why r u using Margot Robbie??? She GAINED weight for a film… NOT LOSING! Stop tryna misguide people jesus

  8. I felt really bad for Lily Collins for having to deal with something like that. So much respect for her taking that risk and overcoming her issues/fears.

  9. Kate Winslet has one the best bodies in the business, natural and soft and tender

  10. Whoever writes these narrations needs a bit of help with the nuances of the English language.

  11. Gave up? Her mom made her diet while on the tv show. That’s just sad.

  12. I consider all of these girls slim and healthy. Hollywood is so messed up.

  13. Ladies- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just be healthy! Whatever FEELS GOOD, do it. NEVER look at another person and wish you were like them. Be YOU!💗💗💗

  14. Hollywood is trying to kill women, and in turn, younger and younger girls into stick figures. I’ve literally NEVER heard a man say they like bones protruding from a woman. They love curves and healthy women. Fact.

  15. This is not cool, however I think if I was going to be any of these women's positions I think I would want to be in Kate Winslet's with them just giving her a personal trainer. However I do want to say none of these actresses need to lose weight and this is really why I have a problem with Hollywood.

  16. why would they cast someone who has had eating disorders and make them lose weight i just

  17. It's not good to be overweight but I do believe in taking care of your body in your health.

  18. If some of these people lost any more weight, they would fall into the 5th demention.

  19. Wait! It was Segals movie and to be covinced Emily Blunt would marry him he had to lose 35 lbs? Shit dude. He is not over weight.

  20. I hate those rules of hollywood…hollywood should be nice to their stars…not criticising and rude about their looks

  21. I am 5'4 128 lbs and a size 4… and I look fluffy in photos (fat)… I am working on leaning out. So I totally understand why producers want these actresses to lose the weight.

  22. It’s weird that ashley benson was considered “too big” for her role in pll because Sasha Pieterse is more thicc than she is and she was casts as the main girl.

  23. all this humiliation for what!? they must have felt so hurt and ashamed even though having a normal weight for your height or some extra is nothing to be ashamed for. All this ppl make it weird, this whole situation is weird and unfamiliar

  24. lily collins wasnt forced to lose weight for to the bone, she wanted to do it and worked alongside a dietitian throughout the whole experience, including gaining the weight back after filming

  25. Me watching this whilst eating cheetos 😂😭

  26. Hollywood: if you wanna get this part you have to lose 20 pounds

    Me: but I'm less than a 100 pounds

    Hollywood: so… We don't care just starve yourself it's easier

  27. I became so thrilled to use the diet program “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it). I did not change my eating habits and did not increase my exercise level. Over a period of a month, I shed about 6 lbs. When using this approach, I did realize that I consumed food less and also filled up quicker. .

  28. To anyone who was a committed athlete, you know how difficult to lose or downsize muscles. Losing fat is much easier than muscle. Losing muscle can even hurt at night while trying to fall asleep.

  29. Brideshead not Bride SHED, although that’s a movie I’d like to see!!!

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