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45 thoughts on “10 Times Hollywood Failed To Adapt World Cinema

  1. My problem with "world cinema" is the "world" part. It's a double hitter really: subtitles (or bad dubs) and local culture. I recognize this as someone who's always lived hopping between 2 countries, Germany and France. I enjoy movies from both countries but movies from either country dubbed over in the other's language are just painful. I dont know if it's also because I speak both languages and so can tell what was said originally or if the words translate poorly, maybe a bit of both. Besides, there is a strong tendancy in most places to make films with lots of references to the country's culture – that can be lost both in translation and if you dont know the reference. I tested a german film in France with teens who studied the language: many jokes were lost not because of language, but because of not knowing the context the joke was made in.
    Watching movies in korean, japanese or other languages with subtitles is just no option for me, it takes the fun out of the experience. Ive tryed with anime years ago – was tiring and took me out of the story. Unfortunately, dubs are also not the solution as they're often bad even with high Hollywood budgets. With lower budgets and scripts that are less world-audience-friendly, it gets harder: because aside from their cash allowing for good translations in theory, Hollywood blockbusters also tend to make their jokes and references internationally understandable quite often.

  2. You're missing the argentinian movies el secreto de tus ojos and nueve reinas, the american versions were awful while the originals are masterpieces in Argentina.

  3. You need to define what is means to be "worth remaking."

    Did the movies make money at the box office?

  4. With OldBoy, the problem was the Hollywood version focused far tooo much on the action and completely ignored the character-building; the original is all about the main character digging up his past and remembering who he is/was, while knowing he was being hunted/surveilled all the time and that there was someone controlling him like a puppet. The Hollywood version was just a Die Hard/John Wick-style violence romp with zero character development. Park Chan-wook's original is all about the emotional connection you make with the lead character, which Hollywood obviously forgot was important

  5. I may be the only one, but I actually liked ghost in the shell tbh the fact they all ended up being westerners when the only piece of the original characters body is the brain I kinda got it

  6. Need some older films on this list. For example, Point of No Return is a total botch of La Femme Nikita.

  7. Its funny that "head full of honey" was SO bad and unsuccessfu that even you didnt mentioned it

  8. I personally think Hollywood would be better off remaking movies with good concepts that fail to deliver. I remember there being rumours of a remake of Drop Dead Fred but as a dark psychological thriller were a 20 something girl's life is being destroyed by her childhood imaginary friend which causes her to slowly lose her mind. I thought it sounded interesting and I think Hollywood would be better off doing things like this because 1 they wouldn't get the inevitable fanboy outrage that comes whenever they remake a movie that was popular because it wouldn't be a popular movie and 2 there's is a lot of potential reworking past ideas now that technology has improved and what general audiences find appropriate or acceptable for a movie is much more tolerant so you can take things to darker places than you could before.

  9. Much as I'm not fond of being picky, I'm gonna make a point here – Alita isn't adapting 'world cinema'. There ISN'T a cinema version of Alita. There IS a two-part OVA spanning one hour in total, but writer Yukito Kishiro was never interested in making it a full adaptation, which is why it's only two episodes long, so whoever is claiming Alita: Battle Angel was a failure, or that it was stuffing too much into its TWO HOUR PLUS film time has absolutely no idea what they're on about, and also cannot do math. Once more a case of WC writers not doing their research.

  10. I love the presenters from What Culture. Kirsten might be my favourite for her, very understandable, horrified reaction to Mother!

  11. "Let Me In" is a subpar remake of the much better Swedish film "Let the Right One In." I expected to see it on this list.

  12. The reason the Americanized version of Ju-On still had the scares with Kayako and Toshio is because Takashi Shimizu (Writer/Director) had some input on the screen play and directed it. And it doesn't hurt that Takako Fuji (Kayako) and Yuya Ozeki (Toshio) are the original actors of the ghost lady and the ghost kid respectively.

  13. Ghost in the shell follows the anime pretty well and the end goes by the anime as well.

  14. One of the best remakes of all time, The Departed, was successful because Scorsese made a deliberate effort to not watch the original Infernal Affairs trilogy. He basically took the plot and did his own thing with it, with amazing results.

  15. I cared about the plot of Alita just as much as the visuals. Loved the whole film. Never read the manga, but the film stands fine in my eyes.

  16. I’ve read where Hollywood wants to remake Headhunters (Norwegian), which I’ve watched 3x with the subtitles, because it’s freaking amazing…please leave it alone! Also, Chasers and I Saw the Devil (both Korean), need to be watched if you just love amazing movies!

  17. Watch Vanilla Sky and then it's original version "Abre los ojos". Surely after that you'll replace Alita for that one in the list

  18. I loved Alita: Battle Angel. They did try to squeeze too much into it, but I still really hoped they would make a second one.

  19. I'd add The Upside to that list, French film The Intouchables was much better

  20. I would watch a whole hour of Kirsten just reading a book if it was uploaded to YouTube 💘

  21. You're intro put me against your opinion right out of the gate dissing america like that. Our The Office is better.

  22. The Intouchables/Untouchable should definately be on this list, especially since it had three remakes in total, including The Upside with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston

  23. Adaptations are made because of American greed. Watch the originals you won't die beucase you have to read subtitles

  24. Can we please talk about the remake of French films "Nikita"/Point of no Return and "Intouchables"/The Upside? So unnecessary, even because "The Upside" did not address the criticism the original version received by American critics. – I notice a similar trend in the German movie Industry and the result is mostly cringeworthy. Just leave the originals alone. Enjoy the difference and diversity!

  25. I kind if liked alita battle angel but ye i kept waiting for them to get to the city in the sky and confront the villain but it never happened. But now it looks like its never gonna be finished.

    And The italian job (2003) wasnt great remake either

  26. Dinner for Schmuks was a dire remake of the hilarious Diner des Cons – just saying.

  27. I was waiting for "Let the Right One In"/ "Let Me In" to make an appearance. I haven't seen the latter, but the former was an odd, quirky, darkly original tale of coming-of-age angst combined with supernatural horror. I never bothered with Matt Reeve's remake and I think it was a glaring omission on this list. I think people should seek art out, take a chance more. I never would've discovered Donnie Darko otherwise.

  28. Finally someone who agree that Alita Battle Angel is failed.
    Its obvious that the "source material" for the movie is the 1993 OVA based on the manga (Gunnm/Battle angel alita).
    This was the first manga i bought and to me its one of the best even nowadays.

  29. Thanks for the fun list. I didn't know that the recent girl with the dragon tatoo film wasn't even based on one of the author's books. Hey, would you make a list on horror movies that had trailers that decieved or set audiences up to make them miss the twist in a movie? It could be a bad misrepresentation like how trailers for crimson peak seemed more ghostly horror than gothic romance or "good" misrepresentation like how the trailer for the visit makes it look like the grand parents are possessed/ supernatural horror is happening.

  30. I loved the original Alita anime but the live action remake was awesome. The only original anime, I can find, is a crappy version on YouTube my VHS has long past and obsolete so where does one "check out the original"?

  31. Dear Whatculture team, dear Ria,
    Great video, to which I agree to most.
    I have very fond memories of Godzilla 1998, even though with hindsight, not the best.
    The Deathnote anime and GitS movie kick balls. Must watch.
    Lots of love and perseverance.

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