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31 thoughts on “$15K Giveaway & Boosie Being Banned on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. I don’t think AMC’s And a lot of other movie theatre companies will make it honestly. Theatres that do like the dinner and adult drinks might make it but who knows.

  2. I'm so glad you guys are bringing awareness to the racism and xenophobia going on in China. On that note, it is not just Africans they're targeting… it is anyone whose phenotype looks different than theirs. It's horrible, it includes Africans, African Americans, Middle Eastern people, Latins and Caucasians. The crazy thing is when this virus first hit the media China was up in arms about Americans exhibiting xenophobia in singular and personal situations …yet as an ENTIRE country they're being beyond xenophobic they're being just FUCKING RACIST!!!!;

  3. That’s how boostie is , he was talking about wade not allow his son to get gender surgery at young age. .. he’s a prick just like you. Don’t pick out what you’re u don’t agree with. ..

  4. I love their chemistry. It's genuine and funny. Much better than what they had!

  5. Watch FLU on Amazon. THAT is what is happening. With it w/o subtitles you ✌🏽💜

  6. Boosie wasn't being negative or malicious. As a parent and a black man, he was pleading with Dwayne to not do this to the child.

  7. Damn…this show is all puff and NO intelligence. They really need a correspondent or somebody to just keep up with current world events and news. What celebrity is fucking who gets old.

  8. remember a time long long ago when Jason asked Melissa to not use MF so much? Lmaooo. And fuck Boosie raccoon eyes having ass.

  9. I still rocking with Hollywood unlock definitely glad y’all still doing episodes 💯

  10. what did he say wrong? he said let him be GAY…. but dont cut his diiiick off man!…..keep your sons business in the house!

  11. Bootsie did not disrespect Wade's son at all..If Wade can't take the opinion of others..he should not have came out with it to the world first..I'm on Bootsie side with his right to opinion.


  12. When I tell you that I laughed my ass off at yall the majority of this video, baby…..🤣🤣🤣 Y'all are very entertaining to watch! I love y'all!

  13. Boosie is banned? He’ll be okay. Dwayne Wade should have kept his kids business at home. Why would a parent tell his kids business to the public? If you put your person business out there for public consumption, then expect the judgeme too.

  14. If anything changes in our lives because of this virus, it’ll be because of the government and new laws. See how quickly they got us wearing mask and social distancing? But, overall, as time goes on, things will go back to normal. People were super patriotic after 9/11. Couldn’t turn your head without seeing the American flag. The fuck shit will commence one day. And when buzzwords like social distancing are brought up, people will go, OH YEA!!! I remember that! It’s easy to paint such a dire picture now because like I guys said, the virus is all we see in the news.

  15. You all looking good and there is no other real ass show, excuse my french. I support the show and I am from overseas. I am in Panama and we must wear mask or we will be fine and women are allowed to go out on Monday, Wed. and Friday. Men are allowed on the opposite

  16. These fools suck!!!!!!!
    Lol hahaha Jason fatass Lee is a joke himself. The other 2 fine But the stressed out hearattac is a foooool!!!

  17. I wonder how Jason feels knowing he’s ugly inside and out…🤔 he is really on his fat man throne😂

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