Their Small Town Names Weren’t Going To Cut It In Hollywood
We love seeing our favorite celebrities, but you might be surprised to learn that the monikers we know them by often aren’t their real names! Keke Palmer’s nickname comes from her sister’s imaginary friend, and Dove Cameron legally took on her late father’s nickname for her. Some stars like Brad Pitt and Ariana Grande have talked about switching things up in the future, while Reese Witherspoon is happy to go by a tribute to her mom. Lady Gaga’s stage name was another way in which she reinvented herself, and Maddie Ziegler once had something very different on her birth certificate. Bruno Mars paired a childhood moniker with strategic word choice, and Miley Cyrus literally changed her destiny with some paperwork! Marilyn Monroe’s moniker was workshopped for success, while Cardi B can thank her sister Hennessy for her nickname. Meghan Markle prefers to go by her middle name, while Billie Eilish also goes by one of hers! Gigi Hadid was told “Jelena” is too hard to pronounce, and became known by her nickname instead.

What do you think about the nicknames these stars have come up with? Do you think they would have been better off sticking with what was on their birth certificates, or do you think it’s better they went a little bit off script? Share your opinions with us in the comment section and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at The Talko.

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33 thoughts on “19 Celebrities With Fake Hollywood Names

  1. fun fact: Ariana's last name is actually pronouce gran-dee but her brother thought gran-DAY would sound cool so she kept it

  2. I think they've all picked names that work with them. Once you are famous, it's hard to change your name and get people to remember you by that.

  3. Freddie Mercury’s real name is Freddie Bulsara , Mercury is his stage name.

  4. okay, everyone knew ariana grande's last name is butera. or is that just me?

  5. Just came to comments to say that this is one of the worst chanells on youtube

  6. It’s Ariana gran-de butera. It’s pronounced gran-DE but her brother Frankie was like ,let’s say grande ,it’s sound fun

  7. The thumbnail on this video is about one of the shadiest things this channel has ever done !!!! 😂😂😂😂

  8. The baby Megan in the thumbnail look like Alessia Cara, who’s with me?

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