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Today, we bring you the story of Jake Paradise, one of the many folks responsible for keeping our screen used “Knight Rider” KITT in tip-top shape – decades before it was ours!

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26 thoughts on “1993 Rewind: Detailing Knight Rider's KITT at Universal Studios Hollywood

  1. This car ended up scrapped and someone found it and restored it. YOu can check it out on jay lenos youtube page

  2. Bet he did more damage than anything else the way he is laying and leaning all over it lol

  3. Kitt is one of the best movie car of all time., no movie car can never replace it

  4. 0:46 I was one of those thousands of fans to sit in that car. I was probably 5-7 years old and I vaguely remember sitting in kitt pushing buttons and playing with the steering wheel with kitt saying hello to me.

  5. Ok , Here's what I was told..,The dock was installed to protect the cars finish and keep kids safe ,and off the car , that's why the dock was built ,so the kids of all ages could sit in the car , and talk to It and still protect the cars finish and the safety of the kids .It was really an Offshoot of McHales Lake that they weren''t using for anything else at the time and it made a perfect place to put a dock and that's why I had to put on waders to detail the entire car

  6. Lovely! I remember sitting in this, but my memory is a blur, because I was 11 at the time.

  7. I visited from the Netherlands as a kid. It was a fantastic experience to be in KITT. I talked to KITT and really thought he was talking back. I know there was also the A-team show. Great series back in the 80's.

  8. I saw that Knight Rider exhibit at Universal Studios in 1986. When I was there you couldn’t sit in the car. I don’t know if they hadn’t started allowing that or if it was just closed the day my family went. I have pictures of it sitting there but nobody going near it.

  9. I went there and saw KITT and had a picture of me and my sister with KITT but I lost the pictures

  10. so apparently They thought K.I.T.T.was a boat,still cool to see,and those seat head rests were not correct.

  11. Remember seeing this back in July 89 when I went to Universal Studios, lost a roll of film with all the pictures!

  12. I have a couple of pictures of that car from back in 89 or 90. I won a sales contest with Pepsi and got a trip to Universal to a private party with Elvira there @ Universal Studios. We had all day to walk around Universal and then went back that night for a private tour & party. It was a lot of fun and great memory's. I remember sitting in the Kitt TA and teasing back & forth with "man behind the curtain" ..oops I mean Kitt. 😉

  13. That line across the screen looks like when you had to adjust the Tracking for every movie

  14. I've been in that very KITT the car at Universal Studios as kid, I have a video of that somewhere.

  15. In the none of the episodes since day one till the very last episode kit never had ground effects, whoever had that stupid idea needs to be fired and for goodness sake please remove the ground effects, that makes him look awful

  16. Good video!!! Why kitt stay near the wáter in universal studios?!!! I dont urderstand jejeje

  17. i visited it when I was 14 back in the day-loved seeing it but always wondered why they put it over water

  18. This video should cross over with the theme park folks for the look at the Studio back then, and the Radio Shack Color Computer folks because of the use of Audio Spectrum Analyzer as the KITT display screen.

  19. I would love to find the first car they had on display, the one with the two screen dash.

  20. Circa 1991, had a friend who had an early 80s' Firebird, yet only had the front light. One night (no pun intended) while driving, he had the light going and LAPD pulled him over and gave warning

  21. I was 11 when the show first aired, had a Knight Rider t-shirt in Jr. High, and to this day…….when I get in my car I say, "c'mon KITT, let's go buddy", and make the Turbo Boost sound while driving away. Now if I'm doing that in my car, I can only imagine what you say and do in an actual Knight Rider car

  22. My favorite show of all time. My teenage years always brings me thoughts of knight rider. I did get the opportunity to see David Hassellhoff when he visited South Africa in the mid 80s . It was something I Wil never forget. He had his famous Knight Rider leather jacket and a replica kitt.

  23. Awesome video. Just curious tho. Why are seats different in so many of the pictures and the video .

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