Welcome to The MUNCHIES Guide to Hollywood, where we’re exploring the boundaries, literally and figuratively, of a neighborhood that looms large in our collective imagination.

In our inaugural episode, our host Kris Yenbamroong takes us to the best Chilean deli for empanadas, a meat emporium with a dry aged facility filled with 22,000 pounds of beef, and the best strip mall restaurant you’ll ever find. Because of course, the best way to experience the many beautiful cross-sections of Hollywood is by eating your way through them.

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42 thoughts on “22,000 Pounds Of Dry-Aged Beef in Hollywood

  1. Kris is such a great host! Always loved N+M but it's nice to see he's such a cool guy.

  2. Damn! My dude gained some weight. I didn't realize who this was until I went back to the first episodes he was in! 💀

  3. California, one of the few states in the USA where you don’t have to speak English

  4. Insane Series…I am blown Away by the series. My eyes got moist on occasions and laughed at the Gay Swan Joke "10 years without a single Egg" till I was hysterical….
    Loved it highly recommended

  5. Munchies please do a guide to African food esp southern African food please!!!!!!

  6. Love this host. Not being pretentious, or worse, trying to be funny. Just being real.

  7. Thai Food Hollywood Style? Are you fricken kidding me !! OMG, Munchies has lost a follower

  8. The host is kind of cringy with the F bombs that he drops. I almost feel like he cusses to make himself look hard. It's not necessary dude.

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