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11 thoughts on “26 Vintage Photographs of Hollywood Boulevard From 1928 When It Became Santa Claus Lane

  1. Thank you for this collection.
    Los Angeles is my hometown.
    I love seeing the old decorations on Hollywood Boulevard!
    When my kids were small, I would take them to Hollywood Boulevard and Rodeo Drive too see the decorated streets at Christmastime.
    We also checked out Chinatown during the New Year in February.
    They loved it.
    Saving and sharing this with my sisters, who were also born in Los Angeles.

  2. Another great American neighborhood ruined by Democrats and Liberals. And they're not even ashamed of it. Utterly disgusting! 🤢

  3. So much better than the garbage today. We are seeing the end of times. The end of civilized people.

  4. When life seemed more simple. The Hollywood Christmas parade is a joke now as is Hollywood.

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