31 thoughts on “29 Of The Longest Hollywood Marriages (35+ years!!)

  1. Yabancılar kolay kolay bırakmıyor gerçek seven asıl bunlar

  2. Söylemeden yapamayacağım. Biz türklerde evlilik uzun sürmüyor ya aileler karışır ya o bu karışır evlilik sürmez. Asıl gerçek evlilikler bunlar kaç sene sürmüş ağzım açık kaldı maşallah yani 👍👍

  3. Parabens a Todos por honrar o compromisso matrimonial, mesmo sendo tao assediados.

  4. Jusqu'à ce que la mort les sépare

    …. ou attendre 40 ans pour quitter son partenaire comme Ron Perlman

  5. Denzel W. Dios te bendiga y te cuide mucho. Te admiro como actor, como cristiano, como esposo y como ser humano. Eres de los pocos hombres de color que consigue dinero y fama que se casa con una mujer de su color. Aleluya !! Desde República Dominicana.

  6. Beautiful respect is the key, love friendship and empathy it all goes with a long happy marriage I’ve been married 50 years and I have loved every moment and I would do it all over again. Nothing better than the lob and friendship with a person you always want with you we love enjoying our time together regardless of what we are doing we always look for our mate and say hey look at that baby or sitting reading and maybe just grab each other’s hand for hours we just have had mutual respect for each other and that is the biggest thing that I have to say about the long marriage because you both give you aren’t selfish and say I won’t blah blah 😕 we yield when it’s time mutually. I do love this man until death do us part!❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏🙏🙋‍♀️

  7. Glad to see. For every man, like Abraham, there is every woman, like Sarah.

  8. Notice that those people are older and were raised when this country still had real values

  9. meno male ci sono ancora attori che sanno cosa vuol dire stare insieme

  10. Is 35 yrs long. I suppose in today's Hollywood it is. But this week I've been married 40 and it's flown by…'s to the next 30 at least!

  11. As far as I know, only two of these couples were both celebrities. Maybe that says something.

  12. You forgot Alan Alda married 63 years. Jamie Farr married 57 years. Alan King married 57 years. Richard Widmark married 55 years. Don Rickles married 52 years. Eddie Albert married 40 years. Roy Rogers married 41 years.

  13. Вот это я понимаю 😍пары😍

  14. Respect à tout c'est couples! Ces très rare de voir des couple longues durée surtout chez les stars et les non stars non plus!👏

  15. 1953 2019- A los 102 años, Kirk Douglas y Anne Buydens 100 son la pareja más fuerte y longeva de la historia de Hollywood.

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