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14 thoughts on “30 Wonderful Portraits of Hollywood Icons During the 1960s & 1970s

  1. Did women actually have bigger breasts back then naturallly or was Hollywood and the western world more breast obsessed then?

  2. Where have I seen the picture at 2:50? I 'googled' and came up with "California Here I Come" by Phantom Planet; then I went straight away to wikipedia to read about Douglas Kirkland, thinking there might be a list of the pictures he's taken, hoping the picture would be there- but alas, it's not.. 🙁
    The picture of Marilyn Monroe is beautiful; I also like the one of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton…
    Thank you Yesterday Today for featuring Mr Kirkland's photo artistry.. ..

  3. I knew the Marilyn Monroe portrait was by Douglas Kirkland but I didn't know until the end of the video that he took all of them. My recollection is that Mr. Kirkland was only about 21 or 22 when he photographed Marilyn Monroe.—It was nice to see not only a really good color photo of Marlene Dietrich but to see her smiling. I've seen few pictures of her smiling.

  4. Regarding Jayne Mansfield: Where are my eyes? I’m staring at her nipples because I am afraid they are about to come onto my plate. -Sophia Loren
    Also Sophia: But, it's ok if my boobs are hanging out in tastefully artistic photos.

  5. hollywoods breasts, you mean. I just love getting on youtube, just to have a bunch of breasts in my face. Im a woman, GOD SAKE! Can we get rid of playboy here? I thought this was supposed to be pictures for the whole family?

  6. Most are tranneys ive heard though many arnt .they like fooling themselv es most of all

  7. Things I learned today:
    How in the hell Anne Margret got into a motorcycle wreck.

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