40 thoughts on “31 Interracial Black & White Hollywood Couples

  1. I'm a black woman love Hispanic guys they're very romantic and sweet❤❤❤❤

  2. QWHY IS THIS EVEN A THING? Who cares what the color their skin is. Live long and happy lives together everyone.

  3. In a perfect world celebrity Black marrying out would be no problem. The problem is 50 percent or more of the time their Biracial offspring marry white so all the wealth goes back into a community that already owns 90 percent of the wealth in America with the averagr poorest Whites with a wealth net worth hundreds of thousands of $$ ahead of the average wealthiest American Blacks.

  4. Now where did apartheid come from, if we had racial couples in the 60's

  5. Grace Hightower and De Niro kiss actually looked like De Niro was kissing Michelle Obama.

  6. Todos somos iguales ante los ojos de Dios . que sean tan felices así es lo único importa sin importar lo que digan los demás . Así que viva esas parejas

  7. Brazil is a paradise of inter racial couple.
    Its all free.
    Is wonderfull .

  8. robert de niro siempre le han gustado las mujeres oscura de piel desde pequeño😘😘

  9. Ridículo è quem faz esse tipo de postagem, e não venha me dizer que não è racista! Amor não tem cor. 😘

  10. Quem coloca cor no amor são pessoas ( bestas) o amor não tem cor ,não raça, o amor incondicional não vê cor , não raça, só vê pessoas que se encontram e se amam só acho isso , lindos e sim dando um tapa na cara dos preconceituosos!!!!

  11. Black and White couples in Hollywood you have it's your rights to use your money to take care of the USA and your family in education Science, come to order fight fight fight fight open Bible do the work of the good GOD, use the Study tools religious items stay in one three days with bible and the DVD player one drama after words, these have the right to not play with Our President getting their Minds Eyes Open and use their body guards

  12. Как говорил бухой Омар Хайам – Клубитесь и ебитесь!

  13. Muitos casais e alguns pares né. E outra coisa raça só existe uma ne raça humana.

  14. Maior respeito e admiração por casais que desde 71, 82, 81 e ainda hoje estão juntos! Parabéns!

  15. A young white girl asked Eddy Murphy if he would ever merrid s white woman on an Oprah show he said no, so much for not knowing your self!

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