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20 thoughts on “35 Wonderful Photos of Hollywood Actresses during the 1930s

  1. Kay Francis (at 0:28) starred in a great movie called Trouble in Paradise with Miriam Hopkins and Herbert Marshall. I can't recommend it enough.

  2. Cool photos but I was born in 1958 and don’t recognize 3/4 of these people. As time passes so does the past 🤔🙁

  3. Most of these women are absolutely beautiful and stunning. I've heard of Barbara Stanwyck, Loretta Young, and Betty Davis, and of course actresses that I've never heard of. These women made Hollywood glow in their day. They all dressed in a stylish manner.

  4. These Great legends cared more entertaining their families and friends, then to worry about their looks and/ or their ego like today's celebrities do. I've been watching Turner Classic Movie tv channel for a long time and ive seen all of these ladies on the channel. They were/ and still are stunning in my book. Lana Turner has always been my favorite. Talk about Drop Dead Gorgeous. These ladies could do it all. Sing,Dance, Act. They worked for everything they got! Not to mention that most, if not all of them grew old gracefully. Today's Hollywood is so FAKE.

  5. Women back then kept their baby fat. They weren't trying to look like heroin junkies like today lol. 🤣

  6. The "Wonderful" photos hold NO WONDER….simply interesting promotional photos…..

  7. Guys & Girls, if you wish to see a picture of John Doe, you must wait 80 years, as I am scheduled to be put in one of these videos in the year 2100

  8. Very classy looking Ladies, from an era when being a celebrity actually meant something. Sadly most of these people are long forgotten, but behind each short clip there's a whole life story to tell. Great video keep 'em coming.

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