The best way to view this amazing front row coaster POV video is using the Google Chrome web browser. You can also open this 4k video on your mobile device or tablet using the YouTube app to experience the ride in virtual reality.

This video was shot using six GoPro cameras tactically rigged and synchronized to provide an electrifying 360-degree virtual reality experience of the popular Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida. All six cameras are expertly stitched and blended together to give you a seamless ride that launches you 17 stories high at 65 miles-per-hour and gives you a view of the park that nobody has ever seen.

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43 thoughts on “360 VIDEO: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit | Universal Studios Florida

  1. Это очень тупо !!! это не на русском языке!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really want the song they play in this vid to be on the actual ride

    And btw, why are the people in the video acting like their gonna die? There are coasters way taller and faster than this.

  3. I love watching these because I know I could never handle something like this for real lol

  4. That roller coaster, is Amazing, I wanted to ride this Thrillseeking pop music coaster

  5. 60 Minutes of TERROR! GOD is so faithful! My sister, 11yr old daughter, and I got stuck at the top of the #holloywoodriprockit rollercoster Friday night for about an hour before hearing that we had to climb out and a rescue team would help us down. Helping us meant unlocking the safety bar, then asking us to climb out at about 167 ft in the air. We were terified! My 11 yr old was crying and panicking while my Sister and I, tried to plan on how we'd make it down alive. Climbing out at such a high altitude was nerve shattering! On the way down Aniyah my 11 yr old daughter was so shakened that she missed a step, by the grace of GOD I caught her. (A Mommas reflex) we made it down safely after 60 minutes of terror! This could be a devastating post, but GOD, ��
    I could only pray � it felt like eternity! Today we are resting and repairing our nerves. � You cannot take anything or anyone for granted!
    #LoveThemWhileYouCan #PrayWithoutCeasing 1 Thessalonians 5:17 #UniversalStudios #hollywoodripriderockit

  6. i miss this ride i went here a few weeks ago and it was a rough ride that intense music just gave me more anxiety and not want to ride it

  7. So dude in the front I think you married a mouse cuz YOUR GIRLFRIEND WAS

  8. Ой да это всё фигня , кто был в 7D поймёт))

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