After a failed bank robbery, two heavily armed men hold the Los Angeles Police Department at bay for 44 minutes.


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  1. 26:29 SO true. The liberal media LOVES to turn things around. These days cops are considered the "bad" guys and the gang bangers are the "good" guys. Fortunately, the truth doesn't change simply because their beliefs about what the truth is do. MOST cops are good people, MOST gang bangers are bad people. Simple as that.

    Edit: And I grew up in LA in the '90s with an LA Sheriff deputy for a step-father and several gang bangers as "friends"–hell, I was one of the first so-called "wiggers" ever lol—but turns out they weren't my friends after all, and I ended up suffering for many years because of that! And my step-dad, the "evil cop", who I couldn't stand back then, turns out he's a good friend these days. So I think I should have a pretty good sense of how things are, at least in general. Like I said MOST cops are good guys. There are exceptions, but that's the truth. The media just loves to sensationalize, warp and flip upside down the laws of the universe. Especially the liberal media, which is like 90%.

    Of course, what's funny is that even this movie is sensationalist. There's like twenty people who get ripped to pieces by small arms fire, but in actuality, there were only two civilians and two officers wounded in the shoot out, all of whom lived. The only two fatalities were the robbers. There's some good actors on here, though, like Mario Van Peebles (although the cop he played NEVER said he felt "lucky"–he said it was God's Will that he survived and luck had nothing to do with it). Finally, at 54:54, if I was driving that car, I'd just mow the two robbers down lol!

  2. Dudes robbed banks with rifles long before this, what made this such a big deal was how poorly the cops performed in this case.

  3. 211? That's the code for armed robbery in the LAPD. That's also the number of the school district in Hoffman Estates.

  4. Because of North Hollywood, the AR15 semi automatic is the standard weapon in the LAPD today, along with the semi automatic Glock handgun.

  5. All I can say is the guy who has to put the little numbers beside each bullet casing and then take a picture of it is going to have his work cut out for himself…….

  6. Wow I remember when. This happened year's ago this is real tense situations this is what men and women go through putting their lives on the line. For those police officer's who didn't make it may they rest heavenly in peace

  7. Why didn't they grab him while they were inside the bank. They waited for them to come back out STUPID………

  8. "CRIMINALS ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT GUNS" Same old stupid logic used by NRA to sell military grade weapons like jam donuts in open market. There is enough evidence and statistics to show the direct link between proliferation of Guns and mass shootings. American Constitution has been amended before to abolish slavery and granting of citizenship etc. We don't live in wild west any more. Laws should change according to the needs of the time. Same old arguments that criminals would buy guns in black market doesn't hold water if there are severe penalties enforced for carrying illegal weapons. The basic argument of the Gun lobby that you need to protect yourself and should no longer believe in the courts or justice system goes against the fabric of any civilized society.

  9. I remember watching this live on tv that day, unbelievable event…and made me late going back to work from my lunch hour. The LAPD were definetly on point that day, every LEO on scene that day deserve medals, truly amazing that all lived to tell their tale.

  10. they never found 800k of the money from previous robberies.. one of the guy's wife disappeared after this too.. she tried suing LAPD for letting her husband lay there in the street for 2hrs before an ambulance arrived.. he bled to death.


  12. I remember watching this, on the BBC news as a 19 year old in my home in London in 1997… Its an absolute miracle that nobody was killed…

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