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This year was good for business and few movies even crossed billion dollars Mark. So here are mine top five of 2019

Spiderman far from home
Director jon watts came back after Spiderman homecoming. This time plot was even more interesting and comic fans really enjoyed this ride. Jake gayllenhaal made mysterio look really good on the screen. This film made really good business but Unfortunately for fans due to breakup of sonny and marvel we will not be able to see Tom Holland as Spiderman in future

knives out
In this age of CGI director rain Johnson came up with a movie which takes us back to the era of Hitchcock

Script is really interesting it has suspense and comedy in it. Over all its a complete package with really amazing cast. This film did well at box office

Once upon a time in Hollywood
Director Quentin Tarantino never stops to amaze his audience. This time he turned a really unfortunate murder event back in 1969 into a ride of Adventure and thrill.
Leonardo DiCaprio, bred pit, Margot Rubie acted really well for this one. This film will be up for the Oscar race later this new year

Avengers end game
A comical universe created by Kevin Feige back in 2008 with Iron Man ended with a blast after a decade
Directors russo brothers did really well to merge these huge comic characters on big screen. The script and direction was so good that even though I am not a huge fan of films with too much computer graphics but still I couldn’t ignore the might of thanos

End game was the biggest hit of this year and broke 2 billion dollars barrier

It is very rare that a film is liked by audience of every class. But with joker director todd Philips has achieved this impossible task

Not only joker was a commercial success and crossed billion dollars Mark but it was well received by critics

Joker is one of the favorites for the Oscars and after Heath Ledger, jacquin phoenix portrayl of famous DC villain is amazing
It is a must watch
Soon we will issue a separate review for joker

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  1. Where is Irishman???😫😪🥺
    I have seen only one movie #Avenger 🤘😍 .
    Top 3 are indeed Good movies.
    Countdown 3 ky baad dubra banayin 😆😝

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