Cameron Boyce from Disney Channel visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios to find guests in the park to take on ‘Disney’s 7 Second Challenge’! Are you ready? Play along! Have the Best Day Ever and subscribe! ►

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50 thoughts on “7 Second Challenge With Cameron Boyce at Disney's Hollywood Studios | WDW Best Day Ever

  1. Seven second challenge: take seven seconds to give Phil some gosh darn credit

  2. i like how it's been over a year and disney still hasn't given phil his credit
    wow good job disney you're so lucky you haven't gotten sued yet

  3. me: i'd like to sing a very special song to you all today. this is dedicated to disney
    me: /taps mic/
    me: /clears voice/

  4. I think it's really important to credit Phil but I mean if you scroll down to the comments you'll probably work you that he created it lol

  5. i think my favorite part is that it has way more thumbs down than up like, the phandom is STRONG and ACTIVE❤️❤️

  6. "Phandom, we've got a problem"
    Look Disney I love ya, but you messed with the WRONG fandom. I'm sorry it came to this, but the Phil Lester defense squad is where I stand.

  7. HEY LOOK ITS DISNEY. The company that steala your ideas, even if you're a youtuber

  8. this is what happens when Jake Paul gets cut but Disney still gotta have content that relates to the Youtube audience

  9. Can someone please just once give the credit to Phil… I mean, please, that was his idea not yours…

  10. Wow Disney you could at least give philly some credit now the phandom is after you and you will receive no mercy

  11. It's been exactly one year today.
    Still no credit.
    I'd expect better from a professional company.

  12. YouTube channel vs Disney? What would come next? Dislikes are winning on the video… money lost. They've done perfectly…god.
    Disney copyright , the next thing will be Apple not selling iPhones

  13. i love coming back to this video to just see all of my fellow members in the phil lester defense squad

  14. Wow… what an… original… idea… Disney… congrats on such a creative game… a certain YouTube fandom is so not angry with you for stealing credit… not at all

  15. You guys hired Phil for a movie and TV show saying that you 'didn't know him' is an invalid arguement

  16. I love how Phil has the power to sue them but decides not to, he is such a sweet bean

  17. i don't get why people hate this. it's a concept, it's a challenge, a trend.

    with your logic then pewdiepie owns minecraft, cam newton owns the dab. This is why the Phandom is the cancer of the internet. And, you don't have to give credit to the maker of the trend.

  18. cough cough ahem I believe you owe an apology to our dearest Phil. give Phil credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Other youtubers has done the 7 second challenge without crediting phil yet disney is the one getting the blame

  20. "Disney's Seven Second Challenge" HA
    If you use this idea do not claim it as your own but at least give AmazingPhil some credit for it

  21. Guys , ive seen loads of youtubers do this without creditng phil so why r u only bashing this video ????

  22. I am very happy to see that almost all the comments are about how you should give Phil credit! If I were Phil I would sue you…

  23. Wow I have never seen anything like this before! Such a great and orginal idea! Congrats Disney!!

    Yeah that was sarcasm! Credit Phil Lester ffs.

    Also your shows are crappy af. 🙂

  24. hey hey hey
    give phil lester some credit
    you have literally triggered the most protective fandom on the internet, i dont think you realize how many of us and how loyal we are. please dont steal phil's ideas, its not that hard to say "created by AmazingPhil"

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