Lyrica and Sia show up backstage to find out what really happened between A1 and Summer Bunni.


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34 thoughts on “A1 Comes Clean to Lyrica | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. Bestfriend or not mind your business if i come to you its for support inna back ground not talking for me and tryna check my man thats why ion tell my friends nothing

  2. Is lyrica ever going to get tired of going through this shi…they just need to break up cause this relationship is toxic

  3. He make it seem like the cheating should be normal bc it’s happened in the past. That’s why I believe once a cheater, ALWAYS A CHEATER

  4. My Thing Is Lyrica Did Cheat, then they renewed their wedding vows and started fresh. After Lyrica Cheated And They Renewed their vows A1 turns around and cheats on Lyrica. So A1 Y In The Fuck Would You Cheat On Her Then Turn Around And Point The Finger At Her About her infidelity. I Hate When People Play That Victim shit

  5. he did THE MOST when he thought she cheated wit safaree but its okay when he cheats like what

  6. This is the pot calling the kettle black, how is Lyrica talking she cheated and now she mad… karma's a bitch. I love it how both of them are shifting the blame on each other instead of taking accountability like seriously 😒.

  7. I must be late…when did Lyrica cheat on A1? I thought the whole thing btw her and Safari, Safari made up. When did this happen?

  8. They both cheated, and they're always fighting… Why the frick are they still together?

  9. I hate when men think just because their girl cheated on them once that make it okay for them to do it later in the relationship when their solid. Trifling🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. O.o so she cheated on him, had a baby by someone else causing A1 to think it was his? This is crazy.

  11. Can't believe Lyrica let's that man with black/red/blue/green nail polish feel up and finger her. She can do better. They prob get their nails done together.

  12. The thing about cheating is if you gonna forgive someone and move on then just do exactly that but if you can’t then let the relationship go. It’s not worth keeping if you’re going to blame each other.

  13. How much y’all wanna bet Lyrica and A1 was solid before this reality tv shit

  14. She don’t look good in blue gray was da move
    but they both cheated so they both bad and idk why she crying she did the same thing

  15. Lyrica, I advise you to just leave him. He ain't loyal to you, anyway, my opinion.

  16. How many times they gonna keep pointing the 👉🏾🤦🏽‍♂️<>🤦🏾👈🏾 @ each other. They need to stop cheating or decide to maybe have an open marriage

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