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35 thoughts on “AB6IX (에이비식스) – HOLLYWOOD & BREATHE [Music Bank Hot Debut / 2019.05.24]

  1. 미쳤어 미쳤어.. 당신들 너무 완벽해..
    하..ㅠㅠ 할리우드 댄브 시작할때 대휘 표정에 미치고ㅜㅜ 우진이 랩할때 목소리에 치이고 웅이 춤선에 치이고 동현이 비주얼에 치이고 영민이 피지컬에 또 치여서 영혼이 타자 치는 사람 나야나ㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜ

  2. I understand that Woojin & Daehwi r like…handsome and talented, but I rely wished people would pay more attention to Woong, Youngmin, and Donghyun would get more love and attention as well.

  3. The two daewhi being on stage

    Welcome to my hollywood
    – His Deep Voice

    I wanna breathe just set me free
    – His Sexy Voice

    Myghaaad daehwi I know your feminine for me but! I can't explain what I feel hsusuiaiakaknajajana

  4. Hey guys check up new group LIMITLESS and CIX there are member from produce 101 s2

  5. I never thought that some of our Silver boys would end up with our produce babies. What a pleasant surprise! 😊 At first Woong with Ab6ix and now Seunghun and Byoung Gon with CIX (with Bae Jin young).

  6. มุมกล้องไม่ดีเลยจ้า ท่าเต้นบางอันต้องดูมุมกว้างเด้อ

  7. as a wannable , i’m very proud of deahwi and woojin .. but i really miss them in wanna one 😔👌🏻

  8. woojin has not duality, woojin isnt in another level. well, we owns all dimensions. he can be anything he wants to be. your imagination, your illusion, your impossibility are his reality

  9. let's be honest, everything about Hollywood is a masterpiece👑 all parts are iconic

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