Built-in 1946, this hillside estate sat alone in a farmer’s field in total seclusion. In the 1960s, the surrounding area was developed into a small sub-division.

Art deco elements include rounded walls, black marble accents and a Hollywood-style curving staircase with a metal railing can be found inside. The home and its beautiful gardens were used in many films and commercials. The layout of the house has not been changed and Many of the finishes, even the draperies are original which is a dream according to many of the directors that filmed here.

Today the estate sits empty, the walls have been stripped of there original wallpaper but many of the art deco features are still alive, the fate of this home is unknown.


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Abandoned Multi Million Dollar 1940’s Hollywood Estate Home (Forgotten Homes Ontario Ep.50)


33 thoughts on “Abandoned Multi Million Dollar 1940's Hollywood Estate Home (Forgotten Homes Ontario Ep.50)

  1. Personally, I think that this property should somehow be preserved as a piece of history, for it encompasses so many slivers of history – from its architectural beauty to the many nods to other visually and otherwise pleasing pieces of the past. From the Art Deco touches to the period colors in the restrooms (mint green, pastel pink, etc.); not to mention the walk-in closets (cedar, climate-controlled (for furs) and shoes (slanted shelves)….). If I could, I'd purchase the whole area and keep it so that those who come after us can see what once was….and perhaps, could be again.

  2. It's called a "Butler Pantry" the small room you had questioned. They are usually located near the kitchen, in very nice home's. How could this estate be abandoned? It's been getting repairs, I don't think it's abandoned, more likely bank owned.

  3. The two large bedrooms were for the master and the lady of the home common even in the 1940's. 14:25 cedar closets were for mink stoles to keep them fresh from vermin. 14:28 the diagonal boards with the ridged trim were for holding shoes, this room was designed for the lady of the home.

  4. Even the steel handwoven staircase has to be worth about $500,000, with an array of architectural features allowing the home the appearance of a new custom built manor. 6:37 with the swing door would be known as a spacious butler's pantry. This home is still a multi-million dollar estate in pristine condition. Early design of the 1960's tri level concept, this home was ahead of its time!

  5. the weather vane on top of the house….what a shame all this beauty will be destroyed. i would of loved to go through this house went it was lived in….it really would have been sooo crazy. thanks for the video. take care

  6. Such a beautiful house! Loved this explore! Thank you! Watching from the UK 🙏

  7. Thank you for your great explore Noah! What a nice and interesting property! In Ontario… Wow!

  8. Really sad to see greedy developers destroy beautiful old homes like this just to pop up bland houses and apartment buildings.

  9. Hi Noah. The checker board tiles are a symbol that the house was occupied by a freemason. You'll notice in many chateau homes in France will also have the checkerboard tiles.

  10. Noah! You hit the jackpot with this home!! I love the blue light fixture above the kitchen sink. The stained glass by the fireplace is awesomeness! Even the property it sits on is awesome! Very shameful that this place will be demolished! 😢. Thumbs up 👍 from me 😊

  11. Beautiful house — too bad they will tear it down— Great job on filming Noah — thank you Debbie

  12. That was the most beautiful home!
    I can’t believe it’s going to be destroyed! I loved the kitchen and the blue fan in the kitchen, I loved the black bathroom with the checkered floor! Thanks for not showing the toilets! The bar and wine cellar was crazy!! Thank you and stay safe!!

  13. This is an incredible home! That staircase! Those bathrooms! I love everything about it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. This is such a nice house… that room between the dinning room and the kitchen is most likely the butler's pantry

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