#AbbyLeeMiller From #DanceMoms Shares Jail Advice For #LoriLoughlin & Talks Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie Ziegler, JoJo Siwa, Cheryl Burke, Kaylen Ward & More At Toast Cafe In West Hollywood 1.6.20 – TheHollywoodFix
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42 thoughts on “Abby Lee Miller From Dance Moms Talks Maddie & Mackenzie Ziegler, JoJo Siwa, Lori Loughlin & More

  1. And that is why he is a prison doctor and not a doctor in a high well known hospital or a well known doctors office

  2. why did they just walk up to her in the middle of the street what is happening

  3. Why is she in a wheelchair power wheelchair she can not walk is there something wrong what her leg her knees her legs are her ankle how long she need to be in the power wheelchair Mother like daughter What is she waiting for the bus

  4. Ik the zeiglers went through alot but half of it was cuz of the producers i wish they atleast visited abby in the hospital

  5. Just imagine Abby, Simon cowell and Gordon Ramsay all having an argument 😬😬😬😬😬😬😂😂😂😂😂

  6. I find it funny how "very low key" Mackenzie first music work ("i heard you made a song for maddie" that was years ago 😂) came into the conversation while in january the guy talked to Mackenzie about her music as if he knew she has lots of songs out 😂

  7. This shows you how dramatic shows are she seems so kind but just tough in real life

  8. Nananananana it’s a girl party girllll parttayyyyy shout of u wanna come so I’m ready to get this party started party started

  9. Ok everyone is saying that Abby lee miller made Maddie and Kenzie the stars that they r but the it goes both ways. Dance moms was not just Abby. The show would likely not have experienced the success it did without the Ziegler sisters. They r both such talented dancers that probably could have been trained somewhere else.

  10. I really hope she get justice for the medical situation. It’s so sad.

  11. I honestly think she plays mean on the show. I don't think shes like this in person. If she was nice we wouldn't even enjoy the show let's be honest lol

  12. I love the hypocrisy of her in this video. She says that she finds the clothes that the girls where, IN THEIR PERSONAL LIVES, indecent, but she put them in horrendous costumes, such as the outfits in season 1s electricity dance. *claps slowly and sarcastically*.😒🤔👏

  13. okay but those dance mom girls are also paying for her house and bills 🤷🏼‍♀️ that’s what made her who she is today honestly

  14. a long time ago

    Abby: yelling at jojo


    Also Abby: she's so hardworking, Im proud of her..

    JoJo: its funny how bitches turn into my fans

  15. Abby a few years ago talking about Jojo: SHE DESERVES NOTHING

    she is a very hard worker

  16. I actually feel bad that she didn’t have kids because in the abby Lee Miller bloodline is not going to pass through and maybe dance moms
    May end forever

  17. every chance she gets her toxic ass brings up the zieglers just because they dont wanna put her with her shit anymore

  18. Anyone else love Kenzie and maddie and just wish abby would stop bringing up the past and being immature enough to through shade

  19. i absolutely cannot stand her. no grown woman should be shaming or bringing down or talking like that about children. no matter what went down. thats just gross. sorry not sorry. grow tf up

  20. During Dance Moms Abby Hated Jojo and loved Mackenzie. Now she's so proud of Jojo and Kenzie is as bad as jumping from husband to husband. Oh, have the tables have turned. I personally love Kenzie but just my opinion.

  21. y’all the reason why the Ziegler’s don’t talk to Abby is because. Many times Abby put on social media Maddie was gunna be in her master class to get money off of her and to get ppl to come. Maddie had jobs, and it made it seem as if Abby only uses her for fame.

  22. Even though there was drama, I feel like Maddie and Mackenzie still owe Abby a lot. Abby gave them their success and careers and they should appreciate that.

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