Access Hollywood: Justin Bieber debuts new sound with Boyfriend (27/03/12) [LEGENDADO]

22 thoughts on “Access Hollywood: Justin Bieber debuts new sound with Boyfriend (27/03/12) [LEGENDADO]

  1. Ok, I didn't come here to hate (even though I dislike JB very much)
    I was wondering if Justin would say anything about *NSYNC being the inspiration for this 'boyfriend' -song and -video. I mean, how is he doing 'something new' when his entire song is like a bad rip off of NSYNC's song 'girlfriend'?
    That can't be a coincidence.
    Once more: I'm not here to hate, just curious to hear Justin's explanation for his song. Quite disappointing though, for not giving credit where credit is due >:(

  2. @bigtimerush1122 Stfu. If you don't like him then what are you here in his video?? You obviously like him and you don't want to admit it. The only place your going for hating like that is hell. Get your act up little girl.

  3. @bigtimerush1122 shut the fuck up. I've seen you on like 2 other Justin videos. What are you like 10 or 11? Obviously you like him if you're going to all of his videos and commenting on them.

  4. Shut up anabieber!!!!! I hate this fuckin justin dirty little stupid baby why everyone loves him????? Die justin dirty fucking poo
    If i see him i throw up

  5. Iam satan and not play whith me because I will make you burn in hell for eternity hahahahhahaha

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