50 thoughts on “Access Hollywood Live – Damian Mcginty and Samuel Larsen post finale interview

  1. "The guy that cross-dresses he'll be fun" haha he's like the only Glee club member who never had a kiss

  2. I've never noticed.. Thanks for this info that'll one day, i'm sure, change the world.

  3. Samuel reminds me of Jack Sparrow!
    They're both my heroes -33 (and underdogs)

  4. Can't wait to see Samuel's beautiful face on Glee in just nine more days!!!!!!

  5. @lakestevens425 lool, my mum was like shhhh your brother is in bed, i was like " i dont care, lets wake him up and tell him damian wonnn!" lmao :')

  6. @madisonnicolemarrow I know Damian is going to come on episode 4 he's going to be an exchange student calles rory and he'll be staying at Britanny's

  7. What's ridiculous here is that it took me 3 minutes into the interview before I realized that that is Arsenio Hall. Shame.

  8. Wow, those are two good looking men 🙂 I'm really happy for both of them. Many years of success ahead, I'm sure

  9. @micromasher Speak for yourself! When Samuel won I almost peed myself.

  10. OMG Damian's FACE when he finds out he won too! LOL And the audience was priceless too!
    Sometimes I just look at them and I actually don't register what they're saying. LMAO.

  11. Sharon's gotta be off-set to the right, where Damian keeps looking! Great interveiw!!! Thanks for posting….Since Damo seems to have forgotten how to use twitter and tell us when he's on!!! I want Damo to read me a book on tape! That may just be a good side job for him!!!

  12. omg that was the best reveil ever!!! like no other announcement of the winner of a competition was as epic and exicting as this to me! especially damian! he's like "yay!!!" haha i love it

  13. I knew that I read somewhere before this all began that there would be 2 winners…

  14. Thanks so much @Gleekluvable for posting this, I missed it on air! As usual, Damian was his adorable charming self and he has such a great personality I think it makes him easy to interview. I have to add though, that this was the first interview with Samuel that I really loved; he was calm and well spoken, not too figety, and dressed well…he looks great! I could actually warm up to him a lot. 🙂

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