50 thoughts on “Access Hollywood Live – Damian Mcginty and Samuel Larsen post finale interview

  1. "The guy that cross-dresses he'll be fun" haha he's like the only Glee club member who never had a kiss

  2. I've never noticed.. Thanks for this info that'll one day, i'm sure, change the world.

  3. @lakestevens425 lool, my mum was like shhhh your brother is in bed, i was like " i dont care, lets wake him up and tell him damian wonnn!" lmao :')

  4. @madisonnicolemarrow I know Damian is going to come on episode 4 he's going to be an exchange student calles rory and he'll be staying at Britanny's

  5. What's ridiculous here is that it took me 3 minutes into the interview before I realized that that is Arsenio Hall. Shame.

  6. Wow, those are two good looking men 🙂 I'm really happy for both of them. Many years of success ahead, I'm sure

  7. OMG Damian's FACE when he finds out he won too! LOL And the audience was priceless too!
    Sometimes I just look at them and I actually don't register what they're saying. LMAO.

  8. Sharon's gotta be off-set to the right, where Damian keeps looking! Great interveiw!!! Thanks for posting….Since Damo seems to have forgotten how to use twitter and tell us when he's on!!! I want Damo to read me a book on tape! That may just be a good side job for him!!!

  9. omg that was the best reveil ever!!! like no other announcement of the winner of a competition was as epic and exicting as this to me! especially damian! he's like "yay!!!" haha i love it

  10. Thanks so much @Gleekluvable for posting this, I missed it on air! As usual, Damian was his adorable charming self and he has such a great personality I think it makes him easy to interview. I have to add though, that this was the first interview with Samuel that I really loved; he was calm and well spoken, not too figety, and dressed well…he looks great! I could actually warm up to him a lot. 🙂

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