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35 thoughts on “Acting Pandering Hollywood Celebrity Bandwagoning Poser Take Responsibility

  1. Nobody cares about them because they are useless liars preying on the innocent. Don’t give them anymore of your energy but instead spend your time figuring out your own life !

  2. I heard a great quote: "the smallest minority is the individual human being."

  3. Guess if they can't make a paycheck from these behaviors, now that they are on lockdown, they can now take responsibility. Wonder how much they made for this crap?

  4. Celebrities are pathetic. They think we don't know that they care nothing about what we feel? They hate us they could care less what we think or feel as long as we buy their movies and fall for their BS! It's so astonishing to me that everyone is waking up and knows how gross they are and what they do to get where they are and they still act like they're the greatest and we should all listen to them. They're so clueless and I can't wait for them to get what's coming to them. Cuz it is!

  5. 8:40 When you said: "Do you H&8e Trump?" Great question, as most of Hollywood, have expressed so much dislike towards Trump. If you hate anyone, you are pulling yourself down IMO. I follow the advice of (amongst a few others) at least an occasional truther called Mr. T. with the catchphrase: "I pity the fool!!!"
    But I hate none. This is why the people I frown upon most, I simply hope for them to successfully find God. When people plot to get over on or to harm others to their benefit, or to their mere delight, they are self-destructive people, and I have witnessed this time and time again. I have had cops amongst many other people do me wrong but cops are humans too and I believe and hope that the majority of them mean mostly well. Sadly there are always a few bad apples in every bunch. Anarchy is no solution.

  6. I Rot …( Responsibility org take) – hahaha just scrambled the words for fun .

  7. Washed up actors trying to be relevant. I have no clue who they are. I have seen maybe three many times but do not know their names. I got rid of cable 10 years ago and haven't been to the theater in 15 or more. If I do watch movies it's on a free streaming site so no supporting the clowns.

  8. Aww bless them, there just fed up of being irrelevant during the pandemic….

    Or maybe they just needed some practice at acting…. 😎

  9. Is this the same guy as "A call for an uprising"? (the host) Sounds just like him. If you watch them, they are reading off of something!!!

  10. Opie's daughter has lip injections, looks like. She is not very good looking to begin with. And she can't act.

  11. Reminds me of the celebrity anti-gun video "Demand a plan!"
    Who the F*<k are these people??!! LOL!
    We're supposed to believe that these "paid liars"(Actors) are speaking from the heart and sincere??!!
    What a F*<kin' Joke!!
    Some of the worst sh!t I've ever seen and/or heard comes from them and their ilk!!

  12. Embarrassingly Painful 😖 it’s my understanding that all colours were slaves yes even white people. Brutality knows no colours. What about what happened to people in yugoslavia just in the 90s where were all the actors then?

  13. They have access to scriptwriters and this was the best they came up with!Stanley Tuccis whole performance in The Devil Wears Prada was a stereotype. I believe Sarah Paulson cause shes got glasses on, she must mean it

  14. I'm so sick of this. All of this. All of them. AND all the navel gazing, hypocrisy, arrogance….🤮🤮🤮

  15. Fully understood you here Paul and it hit home. It’s so difficult to have beliefs that so few agree with and look down on you for. The truth can be a lonely path! But way to go all these Hollywood celebs hopping on the bandwagon and clearly putting it all on the line!

  16. What movie are they reading for to get the part? These so called actors think we look to them to lead us down the right path!🙄

  17. Slicked back ponytail and thick glasses don't make you look less like an abuser

  18. Killer cops don't bother" them" though they have the funds to blackmail them what a joke

  19. Ever since the adrenochrome dried up they seem to be jacked up on tweaker street drugs it's just not a good look for them. Wow

  20. Aaron Paul was a real let down he just did a a follow up to breaking bad ,and it was really good ,and there is hardly any good tv anymore, so now can't watch him with think he off

  21. @ 4:04….so, am I to understand that they WERE "allowing" Unchecked moments, Racist hurtful words, jokes and stereotypes up until NOW?? Hmmm…

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