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44 thoughts on “Action Movies 2020 Full Movie English [NEW | Best Action Movies 2020 Hollywood HD

  1. When the continental hotel became deconsecrated, and John and Chirag is getting ready inside to fight, vivladi starts to play at 1:32. The reason vivaldi, he used to composed and played his music for churches. When he changed his music to more contempo, churches didn't like his music anymore, so he started to play in ballrooms and theaters. Just small detail i noticed.

  2. 39 minutes in and I can,t say anything other than— FCK WHAT A UNREAL TRILOGY!!!!!! (KEANU REAVES) WHO KNEW HE HAD IT IN HIM. THANKS FOR THE UPLOAD🤘

  3. USA sends one man…..
    IRAN- 😂😂😂(Laughs)

    USA- It's John Wick
    IRAN-😵😵😵, We are Going to Bomb Our Country, please , don't send Mr.Wick🙏🙏🙏

  4. When you push a noble man to his limits., he is obvious going to break.. don't test the patience of a silent benevolent man.. let him live and exit the world gracefully.. !! Let him burden his acts of his "karma", for that, why should you dirt your hands and conscious??

  5. “There are rules. They are the only thing that separate us from the animals.” Funny quote coming from evolved Killer Apes!

  6. Menudo paquete!!! Mucho tiro y poca historia. Violencia gratuita de videojuego nada realista. Un coñazo de película.

  7. This is the first movie that had me waiting for every release. I still watch it in case I missed anything!!!!

  8. Thank you! The fbi and the movie company should be happy now that I got a preview, I’m gonna buy the dvd

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