Actor Antonio Sabato Jr blacklisted, career destroyed in woke Hollywood after voting for the President.


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22 thoughts on “Actor BLACKLISTED, Career DESTROYED in Woke Hollywood after Voting for The President

  1. Trump won, that means that at least half of the employees of that company didn't vote for Hillary and they must be fired too if they want to be half fair.

  2. If an Actor, Musician, Singer or any other Celebrity is voting (no Matter if it's Trump, Hillary or whoever), then the best Thing is that the Celebrities are NOT talking about it and keep it for themselfs. What bothers me personally is, that Hollywood is only blacklisting Trump-Supporters who are talking it out, but Hillary- or any other Supporters (who also talk it out) are not going to be blacklisted and keep getting even more Jobs then before. It's exaclty THIS Injustice what needs to end finally. The Law in Hollywood needs to be that ALL Celebrities have to keep theyr Mouth shut about Politics (no Matter what Politician they support), because theyr Job is to entertain ALL People and not just a Group of People who have the same political Opinion like them.

  3. People like him should just keep their mouths shut. They know everyone hates Trump so telling people he voted for him will always end badly.
    I'm 1 of a handful of people in Canada that loves Trump and I live the reaction of people when I say I like him. Barely anyone at work will even speak to me now and the ones that do talk to me want to argue about Trump and it's so easy to prove them wrong because they get their info from fake news lol.

  4. The hero we need is Senator McCarthy, he'll blacklists these woketards till their heads spin.

  5. Wait even his managers? They turned on him? Wow. People just wanna hold a grudge do they.

  6. This is why the Lefts Polls are Never Correct and always make them look like idiots…
    …because Most Trump Supporters 'Never Respond to Polls' because we Know the Left are Violent, Intolerant and Want to Ruin our Careers …So the Left Always thinks they are Winning…Hillary Still Doesn't Know What Hit Her!!!

  7. Well currently at the rate Hollyweird is going it's going to self cancel itself out in few years…

  8. Fascinating, so what is your opinion in what has happening in the 1940's and 1950's with the political blacklisting? Just curious … as I would imagine you'd have supported that.

  9. Hollywood is decaying away so bad it wouldn't be too hard for a conservative friendly area to compete with make good new ip shows instead of zombifing old ip. There's a starving market for it.

  10. That's why the Japanese people keep it as a secret when it comes about which political party or figure they vote in their election. They know politics are too sensitive and divisive to be spoken in front of the public.

  11. We must vote with our wallets. Hollywood needs us to live, not the other way around.

  12. He raved like a lunatic that Obama was a Muslim. And he's a bad actor. So who cares?

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