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Actor Zach Avery Arrested for Allegedly Running Multi-Million Dollar Hollywood Movie Ponzi Scheme

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28 thoughts on “Actor Zach Avery Arrested for Allegedly Running Multi-Million Dollar Hollywood Movie Ponzi Scheme

  1. Not a great sign when you see an actors name and think, “who?” Look them up on IMDB and still think, “who?”

    His biggest role was running this Ponzi scheme

    Edit: Thanks for the awards, strangers.

  2. Henry Winkler was arrested for running a Fonzi scheme, but the judge said it was cool.

  3. From an anxiety perspective, I don’t understand how someone can live their lives operating a Ponzi scheme. I get uneasy when I have a month of high credit card debt — I can’t fathom how these people rely on fleecing other people to pay back the last people they fleeced, and fully expect to never get caught. I’d be so nervous all the time haha

  4. WTF is this koo koo article? No use of “allegedly” in the fact account. Tense changes throughout. Weird idioms like “more to the icing?” This is some C student writing.

  5. Actor and movie investor Zachary Horwitz, who is sometimes credited as Zach Avery, was arrested Tuesday on charges that he ran a Ponzi scheme that swindled investors out of $227 million. Horwitz, 34, was taken into custody by special agents with the FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office reported. Horwitz claimed investors’ money would be used for buying rights to films that HBO and Netflix had signed on to distribute internationally, particularly in Latin America. Horwitz appeared Tuesday in United States District Court on a charge of wire fraud, which carries a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. [Variety, April 2021].

  6. Did the Thumbnail and “Zach” get any1 else thinking it was Zachary Levi at first?

  7. I have a feeling a lot of people took advantage of the Covid-fueled Zoom-meeting&Email nature of business to hatch a lot of schemes like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if news of a lot of them falling hits once society opens back up.

  8. > The actor used his goodwill and recognition to convince people to invest.

    What recognition? Must be in specific circles we don’t have access to.

  9. I like that this article refers to People as “The People’s magazine.” I thought that was Mother Jones, though.

  10. I promise there’s gonna be a major Hollywood film about this in a few years.

  11. He used his fame or name recognition? Don’t think so, the only thing on his IMDB list that carries any weight is that he was in Fury with Brad
    Pitt and I don’t think that role would have made anyone go “Zach Avery? Yeah I know that guy!”.

  12. I originally read this as Zachery Levi and was like “oh no Chuck?!” So happy I clearly can’t read

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    You’re welcome!

  14. Looks like he won’t even get to play himself in the movie about this.

  15. The fact that an unknown actor gets arrested for a Ponzi scheme while more well-known actors and Hollywood personalities who’ve committed worse crimes are left alone is concerning

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