9 thoughts on “Adam Lambert interview with Access Hollywood

  1. I'm actually watchin the awards riht now on much music…can't wait to see who'll host this years(co-host) and who'll be there

  2. Uhhh, he is so great!
    I love
    "PROBABLY ON THE MANTLE!!! …Of the place I don't have"
    I liked that it was so sad and cute all at thes ame time

  3. Congratulations, Adam!!!!! And thanks to PINK for writing a song so beautiful and allowed Adam to not only receive this award, as also uses it as a message to all those who love him unconditionally ( "thanks for loving me") and for those who demand so much of him as a public person ( "what you want from me?").

  4. Adam you're a doll. You definitely deserved that award, it's just the first of many to come! You're an incredible vocalist, artist & performer!

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