#AlexWarren & Kouvr Annon Speak On The Recent Chase Hudson, #CharliDAmelio & #AddisonRae Drama At The Hype House Mansion 7.8.20 – TheHollywoodFix

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26 thoughts on “Alex Warren & Kouvr Annon Speak On The Recent Chase Hudson, Charli D'Amelio & Addison Rae Drama

  1. he is so sweet omg he is so slept on. he fucking offered paparazzi to ride a motorbike

  2. Me: Mom I want David Dobrik. Mom:we have David Dobrik at home. The David Dobrik we have at home

  3. I wish Thomas And Alex were the founders of HH their both so mature (no shade towards Chase lmao)

  4. Man Alex is honestly so nice and caring I love how he had a full on conversation with fletcher

  5. the fact that he isn't getting into other people's business and exposing them like OTHERRR people is genuinely so mature. i would honestly love to be Alex's friend lol

  6. This is all bs for clout we all now they don't show the real drama on camera y'all stupid for believing it

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