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  1. Who's more likely to WIN it ALL? Like this Comment for Lauren Spencer-Smith👍

  2. Who's more likely to WIN it ALL? Like this Comment for Makayla Phillips👍

  3. Who's more likely to WIN it ALL? Like this Comment for Francisco Martin👍

  4. Just Sam's voice always takes me there, I think she has the best voice, but Arthur is my favorite still, to think her talent she was singing on subway trains with that special voice above others!

  5. Sam…. Girl. You get me every time. I can hear your soul when you sing and it's gorgeous.

  6. We don't need another lain we need real raw talent and honestly Makayla to pull through and win this

  7. American idol is very biased, it seems like they were out to get Margie Mays. That pissed me off when the judges laughed after her performance. They cut her from the competition earlier then last year. Which is bull shit cause she's very beautiful and talented.

  8. I feel like Johnny West playing an original while trying to feel secure in himself, really shows that he still had something to offer. Margie Mays was kind of speaking from her heart as well, but she wasn’t confident in herself. That producer/vocal coach was putting that seed of doubt in her, and it worked. Things were really set up against her in playing that clip of her messing up the duet. They were telling the story that she lost her shot, and no matter how hard she tried, it was never going to work out for her. Excellent story telling, but quite sad.

  9. I'm in love with the blonde who is with her piano-playing boyfriend (johnny?). All personality, cute … so easy to love.

  10. Everything deserves to win here but yes
    If personally I feel Arthur song make me goosebumps.. he is so unique. 🇳🇵💕🥰

  11. Arthur gun…amazing homie….keep rolling on the stage… always shine as a star

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