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42 thoughts on “Almost Killed By Hollywood Bodyguard: Whitney Webb & Maria Farmer

  1. I will say it again. Not that anyone is reading it.
    The tunnel goes to the party barn. The barn is NOT in the main house. It is a separate building.
    The tunnel goes to the orchestra pit. The pit in on hydrolocks it can be a pit or rise to the stage.
    The tunnel is the private entrance keeping the musicians hidden from the audience . It's the wings .
    The barn is 10,000 sq ft .. The entire room does not raise just the stage…
    The maid would most likely never had been in the barn as that would be attended to by catering staff, florists, party set up company's .
    I find it difficult to believe no one has met Less Wexner at his estate in NA, Ohio.
    The man has always been overly involved in the community of Central Ohio. He is very charismatic and friendly even to strangers. He has the party barn on his property due to the fact they do have large parties for charity often.. ( And everyone should espérance a Less party. Bar none the best )
    My Grandmother and his Mother were friends in Bexley, and he was the perfect son.
    You can't paint everything to look scary. Yes some shit has gone on that needs looked at and addressed.
    But when you start to paint things as dark and luminous that frankly are not, that's when you loose credibility.
    So let's stick with facts and not embellish to make things creepy. Epstine in its self is creepy enough.

    Also the FBI does stalk and bother normal OC members. I grew up knowing our phones were tapped and dads "friends" Sitting in the church lot across the street watching our house… Dad would say, got wave to daddy's friends and say, he said hi when we were ridding our bikes.

  2. FBI – Fumbling Bureau of Idiots
    CIA -Criminals in Action
    WHO – world hoax Organisation _Fake Wuhan virus
    tell me why China was in lockdown for 16 days
    western countries TWO FRICKEN MONTHS!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't believe Trump was involved in any of this. He is doing everything to save children . Thousands of pedos have bn arrested for human trafficking since he's busy President. I think she's a liar.

  4. Wait, so Maria Farmer was Ghislane’s PA or something? And why wouldn’t people like G only surround herself with others also connected by their cult so that they’re not chancing employees noticing red flags? I thought that’s how they operate. It seems too messy for such dark important secrets.

  5. I would suggest checking out Timmothy Charles Honestead he found a child trafficking ring in Florida with people identifying as FBI agents trying to catch traffickers. It’s is a twisted story because some facts can’t be said. Because of court. Anyways as it get deeper it is tangled in the Air Force … I mean it’s crazy but this is how it happens. It’s all on purpose which upon more reasoning is just Satanic. Doing the opposite of good on purpose. Manipulating the people to agree to a horrible idea they know is horrible. Just doing the opposite of nature. 🤢🤮

  6. Please stop talking about your book… It's going to get you killed..
    We need you Wenty

  7. Adrenocrome keeps them young. Search YouTube Adrenocrome, Tom Hanks comes uo, he was more vulnerable to the C virus for getting a tainted batch of lab created adrenocrome from Wuhan.

  8. I: All Roads Go Through BCCI
    Here is a partial list of the economic and political scandals that I investigated throughout the 1980s and early '90s:
    The Savings & Loan scandal;
    Stock market manipulation and money laundering;
    Iran-Contra Affair;
    The October Surprise and Iran hostage crisis;
    Iraqgate-BNL and the rise and funding of Saddam Hussein;
    Pakistan's nuclear program and the selling of bomb-making technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea;
    The rise and funding of the Afghan Mujahideen (founding and funding of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network);
    Illegal weapon sales to Iran and Saudi Arabia;
    The proliferation of Middle Eastern terrorism;
    The international drug trade run by people like Manuel Noriega and Pablo Escobar.
    All of these scandals had one vital thing in common, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

  9. "BCCI's criminality included fraud by BCCI and BCCI customers involving billions of dollars; money laundering in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas; BCCI's bribery of officials in most of those locations; support of terrorism, arms trafficking, and the sale of nuclear technologies; management of prostitution; the commission and facilitation of income tax evasion, smuggling, and illegal immigration; illicit purchases of banks and real estate; and a panoply of financial crimes limited only by the imagination of its officers and customers.

  10. Among BCCI's principal mechanisms for committing crimes were its use of shell corporations and bank confidentiality and secrecy havens; layering of its corporate structure; its use of front-men and nominees, guarantees and buy-back arrangements; back-to-back financial documentation among BCCI controlled entities, kick-backs and bribes, the intimidation of witnesses, and the retention of well-placed insiders to discourage governmental action."

  11. The BCCI scandal gave citizens of the world a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the covert global banking intelligence power structure, revealing power politics in its purest form. BCCI was modeled after the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and multinational corporations. It represented the evolution of organized crime into the new world of the global economy, rendering nation-states obsolete. BCCI transcended religions and nationalities; it cut across the entire political spectrum, uniting countries and groups that, on the surface, were considered rivals, yet were unified in their pursuit of power.

  12. prez trump is in no way like these evil criminals!!!..if he was guilty they would have nailed him by now….

  13. I think it’s ironic how Ms Webb keeps dropping Trumps name YET … not the Clintons who have had YEARS of being close to Ebstein … including 26 plus flight to pedo island! Trump didn’t!!!! Trump also cut ties years ago from Ebstein…. HOWEVER… the Clintons got even
    CLOSER to Ebstein!!
    It seems she is extremely biased against Trump but not the REAL perpetrators… the Clintons!

  14. Trump has been involved in planning the take down of the world mafia for over 20 years with JFK Jr. JFK Jr swore to avenge his fathers death and spoke out about the Clinton crimes and body count around them. He may or may not still be alive, we will see soon. The plan is in action and pedos are being arrested by the thousands, children are being saved, sex trafficking is being stopped, the private bankers are losing control, wars have ended. Big pharma is being exposed, WHO and CDC are being exposed, funding cut off. This girl could be wrong about Trump or she could be another Mk Ultra mind control victim that has been programmed to believe what ever they want.

  15. Roy Cohn tells NYPD detective about his pedophile op? Trump did business deals with this guy? Based on what exactly?
    Trump made a statement about Epstein to the FBI. The statement was instrumental to outing Epstein. She has way too many holes to this story.

  16. May the good, who are more in number by far, rise up against the blatant evil ones. Enough is enough.

  17. Whitey Bolger bought the fbi office in Boston then fled to Russia.

  18. Why is she naming trump ?? But not clintons or Obama I’ve always liked your page but that’s bullshit he is trying to shut these people down

  19. FYI no virus is contagious. Virus' are expulsions of poison from cells already in the body from other sources. Vaccines put them in there. Radiation poisoning (from 20-80ghz 5g) causes oxygen to separate from haemaglobin and not enter the lungs…hence asphyxiation….still no virus.
    1918….millions of soldiers vaccinated. They called it a virus and continued raking in the millions.
    There is nothing new under the sun.
    Problem, Reaction, (Final) Solution.
    Ordo ab Chao.

  20. This lady mentions Donald Trump so often, you think she was implicating him in this Epstein shit. Get off it, you know perfectly well that Trump only conducts letigimate business and would NEVER then Run for President; only to be discovered? Where the hell are your brains.

  21. How is Trump involved in any of this, he's been arresting more child sex trafficking people than any other President, I haven't found any solid evidence that links Trump to any of this these sick people. Does anyone have definitive proof?

  22. UK people LOVED DIANA: AIDS campaigns. Land mines in Angola. Camilla was the 3rd person in the marriage. Randy Bowie?! David's son?

  23. What comes first, the billionaire becomes a peodo or the peodo who becomes a billionaire ?

  24. UK COVER UP: ROTHERHAM UK 2000 – 2020! Top down as usual. DEPORT THE CONVICTED. NO MERCY.

  25. I dont believe her about Trump, he reported Epstein to the police when he was hitting on one of his waitresses, and worked with them, Trump is also bringing down child trafficking rings all over the world I think she's throwing Trump in to sell books.

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