Alyssa Milano is a dangerous product of Woke Hollywood! We’ve seen her hypocrisy over and over again, with Me Too, Snooki, Redskins… do not trust her.


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34 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano is a Dangerous Product of Woke Hollywood!

  1. She shames everyone for doing things legally but she protecting all the pedophiles in Hollywood

  2. Is it not a surprise that we have,…yet “another” Hollywood hypocrite who pretends to actually know what they are talking about.

  3. You are so extreme right wing, that even I that is a feminist hater and often critical to the left can't follow you. first you put so much words in her mounth, that she not said then you say somenthing along the line of America is one of the best countries, even you murdered just recently just to enrich a few people 1mio people in Irak alone not to mention all the other wars you started.

    Also while I agree that police brutality only has minor elements of racism especiall if we talk about kill shots, but still you have 20 times the police murder rates (by shooting alone) than germany. American Police shoots 20 times as much people dead than Geramny, do you really think that there are 20 times as much evil persons that deserve to be killed by police than in germany including many white people?

    Then you have the prison system, your opportunity to go to prisons is also greater than in nearly every other country you have the biggest prison system, and if you go to prison your sentence is probably 10 times as long than on average in other countries, and you keep them like dogs pay them 3 cent per hour for slave work and shit like that.

    So yes America is not north korea but saying like it's the best country or some bullshit… sorry that is garbage. you don't even have a real democracy, your voting system makes basically every vote not for the 2 far right parties invalid, so you can choose between 2 right wing parties, one with identity politics mixed in but both pro war right wing corporist parties.

  4. Your country is done! It's not even funny anymore that you guys think that the constitution actually means anything! Because of you guys are all mask wearing cowards, and are going down as the biggest "goofs" in history by bringing in the new world order. For all you "aware" Americans, I truly mean no disrespect.

  5. everything about her is fake except for the blood of children pumping through her veins

  6. I think too many guys came to this video on an incorrect assumption based on the title.

  7. Basic requirements of a woke idiot
    1 – washed up celebrity
    2 – haven’t won any awards
    3- contributed nothing significant in life
    4 – mental illness

  8. She’s the type of person who would fart in a room full of people and then blame you for it telling everyone she saw how gross you are.

  9. Racist? You mean ethnocentric. Nothing wrong with that fool. It's human nature. Not evil at all. That's where you are wrong.

  10. It’s the very same clown who says no one should have guns as her armed bodyguards follow her around everywhere pushing away & even bullying people who get too close to her ladyship, she’s like every other rich Democrat hypocrite in that regard, especially the Dem Politicians who try to get laws saying you can’t have guns but they can, you can’t have healthcare but they can (and you pay for their special version of it where they get to keep their original doctor and premiums, like back when Obama lied straight to your face over Obamacare they were setting that up for themselves, again a completely different set up for them that you fund !!??) the same ‘mob’ who have a ‘rape fund’ worth millions set aside for easy court free non disclosure style pay off’s, Dems really are the worst not that Repubs are much better but at least they don’t hide how horrible they are, as in they’ll happily admit that they’ed sell ‘your’ gold & silver to make them rich ‘in an emergency’ where they might end up skint, fuk the country it’s that they might end up skint is the worst thing for them.

  11. I despise Milano due to her feckless retarded gun control crusade; but, canceling her due to imitating an overtanned Italian Jersey chick is just stupid. (but funny!)


    family first always folks. Your community, your friends and so on those are real people those people are what come first

  13. This is the same woman that posted a proud picture of herself complying with wearing masks, hers just happens to be crocheted! How stupid is she?!

  14. Fighting for children is patriotic! Alyssa has had numerous abortions to save her career lol she sucks, she is a POS!

  15. She has to find a way to stay relevant. The Army she had of masturbating teenage boys is long gone.

  16. Alyssa "I put the ME in ME-lano"……
    Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the ME-est ME of all?
    In all the lands that I can see, there are none more ME than THEE.

  17. If you're more fine with Confederate statues falling, then you need to educate yourself on history. There isn't anyone in history who deserves recognition who hasn't done wrong by modern standards.
    Remember we are at the point where you can't kiss a girl without consent. So the sailor who kissed the girl in that famous picture after the war we were fighting evil in, is now evil himself.

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