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41 thoughts on “Amanda Seales Leaving The Real, Being Misunderstood & Black Media on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. Yeah because Amanda isn’t messy she just stand for what’s right and she’s UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK!!🤎

  2. If so many people dislike you😬or you rub that many people the wrong way there might just be something wrong with you. I believe shes just a lil insecure.

  3. The Real needed Amanda's voice now more than ever before. So many criticized her for speaking too much on race; and yet, here we are as a society, diving in deep on racial issues and watching BLM protests worldwide. Given the comments shared to date, I'm curious about the issues on the leadership level. They should have nurtured and appreciated her voice on the show. It is what it is though – Amanda has a loyal following and she'll continue to rise higher and higher.

  4. it's a good day for the real daytime amanda gone in my derwin davis voice deuces

  5. Amanda thank you for being Classy and Keeping It Real for real! I appreciate your honesty and no fluff wishing you everything you deserve and should have going forward.
    Jason your interview style is direct… Don't change it. And people always get upset by it but you always ask the questions we REALLY want to know. Whether your Interviewer anwsers it or not. Will always play a part on your audience response but I appreciate your position and you want to know as do I.

  6. His questions are 3 parts and 10 mins long!!!🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ like whats the question????!!!!!
    She answered them tho!!!!

  7. First, Jason tried to be messy with inquiring about Gossip on The Real. When she didn’t take the bait, then he went in with insulting Tamera and her husband. Next, Jason tried with his comment on Loni allegedly being a bully, then with insulting Doja 🐱, and hoping that Amanda would comment. Now he attempted being messy by bringing up Amanda and her Oscar Party experience. C’mon dude. That’s why I like Amanda. She’s too clever and respectful for that mess. Jason being messy reminds me of Wendy Williams radio interview with Whitney Houston from back in the day. Wendy’s interview with Whitney was so messy, and Whitney wasn’t having it! Jason knows he’s being messy but Amanda knows that she doesn’t need to, and nor have to stoop down to that level in order to elevate herself. 👍🏾

  8. I’m just glad she’s off the real! Too many big words on the real and not enough action. Actions speak louder then words as far as the black lives matter.

  9. You obviously have a problem with interracial couples, which says more about you than them. Amanda Seales shut that down with respect and got to the real issues. Major props to her!

  10. Amanda talks herself out of money…she has career but none of her projects have longevity …Insecure is Issa not Amanda..jmo

  11. Aba and Preach are exactly right… narcissistic!!! Watch aba and preach.. 🎯 stick to comedy they except narcissist people..

  12. I like Amanda so much; I knew she was to Real to work on the Real. She has too much drive and is so outspoken; it wasn't going to work. She has a great mind; and knows how to get these things done. Working for someone else will never work for her; she is an independent thinker and needs her own platforms and shows. She is a one-woman platform, all her own.,

  13. The clarity in the way she presented information and the nuggets are priceless.

  14. Great watch! Love Amanda Seales and excited to see where she’s going. She’s so inspirational.

  15. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Exceptional. Thought provoking and smart. We Cancers got serious bullshit detectors.♋️

  16. Speaking on Black Tuesday. I don’t know who initiated it but I understood the purpose was to show the impact that black America has on the economy and this country. I don’t understand where the confusion comes from???

  17. That was a huge low blow to Tamera and Loni. How ignorant. Sounds like someone has a problem with white people. 🤦‍♂️ Though i don’t like Amanda, good for her for sticking up for her co hosts.

  18. Amanda had became one of my favorites on the Real. I knew she wasn’t going to make it on there, she was to real and smart.

  19. Jason you're like that grand auntie that makes every situation about her😎😂🤣"You had a breakdown, yep I remember when I had a breakdown too" lol….You need to INTERVIEW Young Pharaoh & help him raise the $250,000 to sue YouTube

  20. That show comes off at times like “sesame street for millennials!” All the tam tam, pebbles and bam bam munchkin talk is too strawberry punch and cupcakes! Amanda rolls in with a shot glass in one hand and a bottle of brown liquor in the other and slams it down on the table! This show was just not a good fit for her. It’s unfortunate, because hers is an important voice in these times where “deeper” and more intellectual conversations are imperative! Perhaps she can return as a guest to drop some insight and knowledge!

  21. Translation – The leadership tried to suppress her views….Devil's Advocate- What does that say about those who don't leave😎

  22. I didn’t like Amanda on the real but I really loved her during this interview. She’s so smart and I love the way she talks. I know she’ll find something better than The Real.

  23. The Blackout was originally supposed to be on July 7th and then somebody decided to do it BEFORE the 7th and it became VERY confusing to everyone!!!

  24. Its amaising how things changed good is bad and bad is good Amanda seals is Pathetic and who cares about what she things she is annoying.

  25. I love how Jason lee interviews. Cuts straight to the business and asks the questions that people really want answers too. Love itttt

  26. I love you Amanda Seales you are amazing. I love your honesty and your authenticity.

  27. The real producers wanted to use Amanda's strong opinion as 'click bait" they didn't really believe in her message. If they did they would have put out a statement to fans supporting her voice. Joke's on you real producers!

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