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35 thoughts on “Amara La Negra talks Beef with Premadonna & Daddy Issues on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. Amara kept it classy with not going out her way in this interview to bash PreMadonna cuz trust if the shoe was on the other foot Pre would of threw her under the bus and steam rolled her.

  2. I hate that people say Jason lee hates black women when the only thing he hates is a fake woke black women.

  3. I feel like some of the women on the show are jealous of her because she’s got a bit of flavor. She’s got a bit spice in her noodles and the others are just the typical African American women whoa is me and they hate that. She doesn’t follow trends and wear straight lace fronts all day she switches it up and stage true to her Afro style.

  4. I absolutely love Amara. She is a great representation for all races. I wish her nothing but blessings, favor and success.

  5. Damn they didn't introduce damage till around 16:00 cause he basically didn't say anything the whole show

  6. Amara is sensitive because of her experience of being rejected as a child. She said is a beautiful lady and I wish her the best

  7. Nope, you don't get to claim Black American if you were not born and raised in our culture; descendants of enslaved people in America🇺🇸 since the 1600's. If you claim another country as your home or origin you are not Black American. Descendants of enslaved people in the United States developed a unique culture that everyone imitates and claim when it is convient. Black Americans are a very unique group of people with a specific culture born and bred only in the United States. We may all have African DNA but Black American is a culture; a distinctive group. Others are recent immigrants.

  8. She is not only AMAZING, but she is super professional and you dont see alot of that these days! I wish her all the success. She deserves it! We love Amara! Shes a true advocate of our natural beauty and not our stereotype and I couldn't be more proud! Go girl!!

  9. Amara go to Los Angeles opportunities there for you and your family. Authenticity needed

  10. People act like they not ready for it! Keep doing ya and let’s keep showing the world what we got ! Unique and lit beauty
    Signed Mrs. Frank

  11. OMG at 18:22 when she spoke to Jesus in Spanish, woooow freaking amazing. I'd love for her to curse me out like that daily if I was with her.

  12. OMG, Amara La Negra, Boi o Boi. I'd leave my wife right now and marry her like right now. Call me boo 😘😘😘

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