Who from these American Idol 2020 Contestant Solo Performances would you put through?!
Let us know down below!!

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27 thoughts on “American Idol 2020 All Solo Performances From Hollywood Week Season 3 | Idols Global

  1. Why is NO ONE talking about MAKAYLA PHILLIPS like she’s SUPER TALENDTED and 17 at that and she’s came so far from where she use to be the girl is amazing like if you agree !!! And cyniah Elise don’t even get me started these are babies y’all and they have these voice mannnn I can only imagine how much better they will get

  2. I have to say that while it may be true that some elements of this show might be a bit contrived, I really like the fact that so many talented people can get some exposure they otherwise never would have. Katie, Lionel and Luke are the best judges the show has ever had and they really give meaningful and insightful feedback to the contestants.

  3. where is my guyy the music teacher that has that mad style in singing n had dreads

  4. To the girl who allowed her baby to be adopted, PERFECTLY SELFLESS. You brightened my heart💜

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