Amie Harwick, Famed Therapist Who Appeared In The Doc ‘Addicted To Sexting,’ Murdered In Hollywood Hills

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28 thoughts on “Amie Harwick, Famed Therapist Who Appeared In The Doc ‘Addicted To Sexting,’ Murdered In Hollywood Hills

  1. Domestic violence breaks my heart. It probably took a lot for her to finally leave him and get a restraining order and then it ends and this happens. I wish domestic violence was taken more seriously by cops, but they usually can’t do anything until the victim becomes a statistic and it’s too late.

  2. The statistics on DV are so scary and troubling. The chances of being killed by your violent partner increase by 70% when you actually do leave/are in the process of leaving.

  3. I am a jailer who houses many murderers, some of which were famous.
    The only inmates that I truly watch my ass around are the DV guys. If you hurt your women and children, you will attack anyone.

  4. 95% of female murder victims are killed by someone they know. Know the signs !

  5. Perfect example that nobody is safe. Even when you’re a therapist and take all the necessary steps it can happen to you. It’s sickening.

  6. Every time I hear “Restraining Order”, I just want to scream in frustration.

    They avail nothing. Nothing!
    Once the victim suffers the ultimate fate, and the assailant is in court, the restraining order is admitted as evidence.


    Dominick Dunne wrote about this whole horrible process after his daughter, Dominque Dunne was murdered.

    [Vanity Fair “Justice”](

  7. We need a hold on abusers of at least 72 hours, tracking devices on abusers, tracking devices on abuser’s cars, and a moratorium on any chidren’s visits.

    Then, if the abuser tries to initiate contact, then it’s either a halfway house for them or a mandatory relocation of the abuser.

  8. Fuck this guy and fuck anyone who would hurt a spouse, woman, or child. Disgusting

  9. Hey look, a headline that doesn’t just refer to her by the more famous people she’s had sex with.

  10. Ooh ooh I know! We can start by making the victims’ safety and mental/physical health paramount instead of sitting behind our keyboards scratching our asses trying to unpack all the reasons why she didn’t leave him sooner or whatthefuckever. Seriously. Read the comments on articles about this stuff on the mainstream news. WHAT WAS SHE DOING INTERACTING WITH HIM IF SHE HAD A RESTRAINIGNJSBHSJVDBLAHBLAHBLAHYACKETYYACK $&?@!!

  11. Fucking tragic.

    I’ve known Gareth for 20 years; I hadn’t spoken to him much the last few years, but I would never in my life think of him to do this. Such a bizarre and sad situation.

    RIP Amie

  12. This isn’t relevant but how common is it for a famous 38-year-old in Los Angeles to live with a roommate in Hollywood Hills? Per the article..

  13. I didn’t kniw she was Drew Carey’s ex. Super sad situation, especially considering it was a possible murder.

  14. Last night I got in a weird rabbit hole of Drew Carey vids, then got all into his Wiki, then got all into Amie’s info.

    Sorry guys, this is my fault.

  15. Women over 35 get murdered by their angry exes too.

    Middle age invisibility is the only tool I’ve found effective against the patriarchy but if I ever get marginally famous for being good at my job I could get killed like a college co-ed.

    Stop. Supporting. Abusive. Men.

  16. In the context of this article, does anyone else find the name of the website a little…ironic and disturbing? lol

  17. Most states have a shall arrest requirement for DV incidents if there is probable cause to make a arrest.

    When booked into jail, the suspect sees a judge in intial appearance court. At that point the judge reviews the probable cause and sets a bail amount, denies release, or lets the suspect out with instructions to appear to any future court summons.

    DV cases are sent to prosecutors and they review it. Here they can choose to not persue it based on the info they have if they think theres no likelyhood of prosecution.

    If they think they can get a “win” with this case it goes to grand jury where a jury hears the summary of the case. The names of those involved are withheld to prevent bias and the jury can decide if they would want to see the case go to trial. If they say not it goes back to the prosecutor and they can decide to go to trial anyway but generally dont.

    Everyone always say the cops dont do enough. We arnt the only piece in our criminal justice system.

    We give the judge and peosecutors all the info thats available and do follow up when they ask.

    If they let the suspect go or declined to take the case to trial, thats it. We have no other recours but to hope the victim got a restraining order and they dont contact the suspect ever again.

  18. Thank you so much for all this info. I’m going to buy that book and give it a read. I’d like to learn more about what a “skilled therapist” looks like. I’d imagine Narcissists would be one of the most difficult cases that could walk in the door.

  19. Restraining orders don’t do jack shit. If someone’s after you, you have to take protection in to your own hands and be smart in your day to day life. The police mainly stop crazy people on extended rampages, otherwise they get there after the fact and record what happened. They can’t protect you, 99.9% of the time.

  20. Did you guys hear Wendy Williams joke about it? I’m paraphrasing here but, “If Drew pushed her off the balcony the neighbors would have heard, come on down!”

  21. Im watching television with nothing better to do and turn on 48 hours and see that it is about Amie Harwick. I can’t honestly say that I knew who she was or am on the up an up on celebs. Is it just me or does it seem like bad taste to do a show 2 weeks after someone’s death?

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