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37 thoughts on “Another Overwhelmed Hollywood Ghoul Drew Barrymore Cried everyday for 3 weeks Homeschooling her Kids

  1. Paul you don't really expect a superstar to thrive on just Instagram likes, do you? How are Drew and Gwenyth, Ellen DeG, et Al, NOT supposed to be paralyzed!? Their fragile egos require the adoration of late night talk show hosts!

  2. It would be fine to get your snarky commentary but it is so off putting to do constant interruptions of those you want to expose with contentless chatter and/or ridicule. Not going tot subscribe here.

  3. The worst part about being a celebrity in quarantine is trying to remember what you named your kids

  4. The so called elite celebrities most of them pedophiles and satanists. Coronamatic or Coronamark typewriters to communicate. Tom Hanks and Madonna clearly show that in their tweets. They are the coronavirus people. It will be known soon enough. Ellen too has been sending coded messages in her tweets. I can't believe these people are on house arrest with ankle monitors (look for ellen d in yellow sweat pants you can see her monitor on her right leg under her sweats.) They need to be behind bars in a shitty cell. What do you think those naval ships comfort and mercy are for. They are rescuing children from these sex trafficking scum. Madonna is an arrogant cunt singing about pasta and fresh fish. Dont believe me. Look up the meaning of past and fresh fish for pedophilia symbolism and code words. Clinton's and Podesta emails are full of examples. Talking about wanting a pizza for an hour. 800000 kids a year go missing in the USA. Compare that number to the rest of the world. Be warned you are about to see the real disgusting truth about a lot of celebrities and some of the people in government

  5. WOW !! How'd you do it Drew…???
    Gimme a flipping break lady. Get over yourself.
    These celebs are self absorbed twits. Its really sickening.

  6. Hollywood and MSM:

    lol no thanks

  7. You aren't that important drew
    Wait until the arrests come bye bye
    You living in a dam mansion
    We live like this Every day in our rural areas

  8. WOW isn't that what parents do??
    Nothing new here, don't cry praise the lord how blessed I am!!!

  9. These celebrities always want to preach. She said she didnt want to be on social media then she make a public blog. Why didnt she write in a private journal. She wants the attention. Kids and animals work better with routines. Parents do what she is doing all over the world, with less money than she has.

  10. These pampered demons do not know how to handle everyday life. What a bunch of losers.

  11. Women with Square Jaws and far apart EYES and Adams apples … Blessed are those with eyes to SEE…. blessings to you POF

  12. "Hungarian Goul-off" omg I'm dead. 😹😹😹

    all joking aside, it is a joke that these ghoulies are taking this up the poop chute so hard. It really hasn't been that bad. If you cannot handle being around your own children, there is a funkin' problem.
    Good Cod man.

    Ah well..enjoy the show. 😹 stay safe, thanks for primo content

  13. Those two deserve a day together. A ghouls night out, cause ghouls just wanna have fun. Poor Guthries and Barrymores.

  14. Does anybody else find the way that so called celebrities and media in general are reacting to this whole lockdown creepy? It's almost like they're trying to push the idea of being locked down indefinitely. I'd be crazy to think that though. That's what a filthy subhuman conspiracy theorist would think.

    I don't give two shits how Drew Barrymore is handling this. She's not special, she can't act, she's only famous because she was a child star pimped out to other stars. I mean who lets their child go to parties full of adult predators? Her grandfather was a director/producer and is the only reason why she got any parts. Why should I care what she thinks? Why do they think anybody cares? Oh it's so awful taking care of my own children. The horror. My sister has 4 children under the age of 12 and she home schooled for a while. She manages to take care of them, their home and her husband. She doesn't go and cry for days about how hard it is, she just does it. These fucking celebrities and their entitlement complex. Fuck them I don't care. It's all such bullshit and fake. I don't see how people aren't seeing through this obvious propaganda.

  15. I feel sorry for her children that their mother cried daily because she had to spend time with them, what a horrible human being!

  16. insufferable actors…….how did they get so much power and control over our society. talk about mind control. the media lured us into the entertainment world long ago and now we have to wake up..

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