Tinseltown is an extraordinary place…just make sure you don’t end up on its naughty list! From Megan Fox, to Kathy Griffin and OJ Simpson, we’re taking a look at more stars who lost their careers because of controversy. WatchMojo is counting down more of the stars who were blacklisted by Hollywood.

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10. Josh Trank
9. Thora Birch
8. CeeLo Green
7. Michael Richards
6. Megan Fox
5. O. J. Simpson
4. Kathy Griffin
3, 2 & 1???

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43 thoughts on “Another Top 10 Famous People Who Were Blacklisted by Hollywood

  1. do you guys understand how the welfare system works ? what do you think would happen if 1 million Mexicans had a green card? The Social Security Administration would fell already going to fail we would fail quicker do you understand you will have any retirement (AMERICANS ARE SICK of identity politics throwing your neighbor under the bus just because they could get them blacklisted from something because you don't like them, that's wrong these people like Harvey Weinstein , they should be blacklisted and communist

  2. 2017: "I bet I can frustrate the most people." kills celeb careers
    2020: "Hold my beer." Sets Australia on fire, WW3 scares, COVID19 "And it's only April."

  3. OK so you telling me what Bill Cosby did was bad but Harvey Weinstein Did terrible then Cosby why is he not in jail

  4. People losing there minds over the Greatest President ?……….Priceless!

  5. I know that I will get heat for saying this, but I feel back for Michael Richards. A person should not be defined by a moment of stress, breakdown, and stupidity. He was a decent actor. I would love to see him in a good comedic role. I am NOT condoning what he did, but he seems genuinely regretful about the moment.


  7. I thought this list would be about people who were undeservedly blacklisted, not people who torpedoed their careers by being awful.

  8. Birch……Reminds me of the Ball family. Wonder what the asshole dad gonna do now that they’re in New Orleans.

  9. So you won’t show the fake severed head Kathy displayed…

    Pussies 🤬😡🤬

  10. James Woods got away with his shit for way too long. James is a creep, racist, hateful to women, and a perve

  11. Personally I don't think it's fair that The Cosby Show was pulled when 7th Heaven is still on air.

  12. O.J should be blacklisted…..

    From life and all existence

  13. The James woods one was sad. Everyone else was racist, raped people, acted like they had a severed head etc. All he did was stand by his political stance that was different then other people in Hollywood.

  14. Y'all really need to proofread these things better. You just said there were accusations of rape and sexually harassment by dozens of women. I mean, yeah, we know who really got accused but it sounded pretty off.

  15. James Woods wasn't blacklisted by Hollywood because he's a Republican, because Clint Eastwood and The Rock are also Republicans and they still get Oscar nominations and starring roles in blockbusters, respectively. James Woods is hostile towards people like him and is a known creep.

    Pretty good poker player, though.

  16. At least you never saw a headline saying, "Michael Richards trying to make a comeback". He seems genuinely sorry for what he's done and has, except when he's invited to be somewhere like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," stayed out of the spotlight.

  17. What many did here is disgusting, BUT…If your not in jail and simply blacklisted etc…Don't really think it afeects some people as much as others might think or like.
    When you already have fu*k You $$$…Tends to take the sting outta things more then people may realize.

  18. I thought that asswipe Weinstein was in jail? Ankle bracelet? Gimme a break!

  19. Damn, say it ant so Thora Birch. Damn, creepy ass father.Maybe something more to it, between her and her father, then we know.

  20. Idk bout yall, but I would be 110% not ok with my dad watching me perform sex scenes.

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