Anthony Mackie Explains Why Hollywood Movies Suck Now
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Anthony Mackie answers fan questions on stage at the MCM London Comic Con, the Avengers star talks about playing Falcon in the Marvel cinematic universe, working with Eminem on 8 Mile and fun subjects ranging from effective pickup lines to Spider-Man star Tom Holland’s choice of underpants. Anthony also admits he’d love to play X-Men’s Beast or possibly even James Bond, taking the opportunity to show off his British accent skills. Anthony also talks about the possibility of Falcon eventually becoming the new Captain America and talks honestly about what’s wrong with the movie industry these days.

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28 thoughts on “Anthony Mackie Explains Why Hollywood Movies Suck Now

  1. Season 1 of altered carbon was amazing season 2 was watered down and everything he is criticizing here. He was the lead role lol

  2. I didn’t even know Falcon’s real name he’s speaking the truth

  3. I don't get how the " death of the movie star " is a bad thing? At least now people are actually interested in the content of the film and not whoever's acting in it. People's obsession with " movie stars " has always been a bit weird and i'm glad it's finally coming to an end.

  4. Writers are not as creative as their predecessors. What can you do with people who have their daily lives glued to social media crap ? can t expect talented writers from that batch.

  5. I mean, we do go to see movies for the characters not necessarily the actors. Actors are a draw and highly credited for their work but people want to see them as the character effectively. Not just Superhero movies but any movie.

  6. Mackie is bang on !!! He didn't even have to go into the fact movies are made with a PC mindset making them Disingenuous !!!!

  7. Mean while, three years later Anthony Mackie signs on for season two of Altered Carbon on NETFLIX which isn't even in the cinema which would in his mind surely "ruin" the experience, and ruins Altered Carbon for all fans. Funny how things work out.

  8. There is nothing unique about the way we live these days; we're basically trying to relive the old days when people were cool and didn't spend most of their time in front of a screen all day looking for entertainment, they were the entertainment.

  9. Pg13 is ruin evrything. Meybe that is why i love horror movie genre even if its has cheap jumpscare.

  10. "they make movies for specific people and not good movies" – Anthony Mackie
    The most truth I've ever heard from a moviestar

  11. I don't support for marvel movies but he speaks death of actors i mean why the f you do it yourself, get paid by it and u speak shit about it like 3 yr old

  12. I think Mackie has it all wrong. The thing is, actors are now playing characters that are bigger than themselves. Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine… Fans and movie goers will be more familiar with these fiction characters rather than the actor playing them. Mackie is right about one thing though, It's only been happening recently because Hollywood now has the technology to bring these Marvel and DC movies to life. Technology was far behind during Arnold and Stallone's prime years to bring Marvel and DC characters to life. Which is why Hollywood typically relied on big Hollywood names to sell a movie. Nowadays it's all about Marvel and DC characters propelling the actors and actresses playing them.

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