One is sassy and one is french! It’s the Sassy French Hollywood makeup show!
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Glow, Frivvi ( and I were all in California this weekend for some meetings and it was really fun! ;-; Unfortunately, we had very very very little free time to film so I apologize that this is the only thing that made it out of the trip!!! We were supposed to film a layered sounds video and a third video as well but I realized that I was an hour away from somewhere I needed to be and had to run LOL… and Frivvi got sick and couldn’t film with us ;-; All in all… I really want to plan a trip where the *point* is to collab so we can actually get a nice long, purposeful video out of it LOL. We used double Yetis for this, but hotel sounds are always….iffy. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

I’m finally home so I can’t wait to get back into filming, streaming, and being around with you guys ^_^ This summer is not so bad actually (I’m DETERMINED to stay home as much as possible LOL) so I’m really proud to have gotten through April! I have some…really really really freaking exciting news soon and great videos coming up and can’t wait to see if you all enjoy it!

And I got new glasses! Ay!

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40 thoughts on “ASMR | Sassy & French Hollywood Makeup Artists Get You Ready!

  1. j'imagine que pour le cadrage ce ne fut pas facile. Je ne savais pas qu'il y avais une différence de taille entre vous deux

  2. Gibi in english, asmr glow in french… For the perfection we just too add angelica who speak in Spannish

  3. just imagine walking in and seeing these two chicks in front of the camera i-

  4. How did I miss this?!!! Yay! Let’s do this! I’m ready to be beautiful ♥️

  5. I love this vid and how you brought Glow into the video as well. I want to request another video with Glow in it please, 🙂

  6. My two favorite asmrtist in a single video…. Now I can die happy… And relaxed of course XD
    Love you both 💜💜

  7. i’ve never seen anyone comment this, but… does anyone else think glow looks A LOT like madison beer? 😳

  8. gibi i would fire u and keep glow bc glow is way better than u well more relaxing than u donot hate plz srry gibi its true for me

  9. Nobody ever:
    Glow: if we poke u or something, we won’t poke u in the eye BUT we never know

  10. Você e sua irmã são lindas de mais que delícias de meninas .

  11. Gibi: “Your not allergic to coconut are you?”

    Me: Severely.

    Gibi: “Good.”

  12. Them: If we poke u in the eye please don’t fire us

    Gibi: yes please don’t fire us I need to pay rent


  13. Glow: Trying to improve my French
    Me fluent from years of French immersion: yes, I should practice more

  14. Holy shit..this is my first time listening to this..when did this happen?? I'm in shock

  15. There was an ad of technophobe…
    Why would I be scared of technology if I'm using it

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