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27 thoughts on “Attack of the Raptors at Universal Studios Hollywood for #JurassicPark25 event

  1. if This Was Real, I Would Just SLAP THE BASS

    *100K Subs And I Do A Slap Reveal

  2. Its a raptor fight evryone stay back you can go there if no coronavirus if its done thr corona virus you can go there still you canot go there becuzz there are raptors so whach

  3. Can we appreciate the work and acting into this? They got security , realistic looking tasers, panicky and no human legs sticking out the suit

  4. Who thought the dinosaurs were real? (Not me lol They actually walk like Robots so they are actually bots-)

  5. Milhouse: These aren’t dinosaurs. Dinosaurs sing!

  6. In reality we all know that there heads would have been gone in seconds

  7. "Hey blue why they gathering around us?"

    "I dunno man,We were only having a conversation"

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