If you’re not quite ready to “let it go”, then you definitely need to check out the National Tour of Disney and Broadway’s ‘Frozen: The Musical’! During their run at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, Young Hollywood just had to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on this extraordinary live show, that brings together all of your favorite elements from the Disney film and adds that special dash of magic that only a live theatre experience can provide! We head backstage with Elsa and Anna themselves, Caroline Bowman and Caroline Innerbichler, where they share their experiences embodying these iconic characters and give us an up-close peak at their gorgeous costumes! We also get to meet Ms. Bowman’s hubby, Austin Colby, who plays Hans in the show, plus production supervisor Lisa Dawn Cave gives us a tour of the set and backstage stations and explains all the work that goes into a massive show like this one!

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29 thoughts on “Backstage Tour of Frozen: The Musical at the Hollywood Pantages

  1. Finally a video about that ice wall thingy that are on the edge of the stage. I wondered what are those

  2. im sad that I never got to see caissie in frozen broadway. I like her better than caroline.

  3. Wow this Ana and Elsa actually look like their cartoon counterparts! The best I’ve seen so far

  4. I hope my family can scrounge up the money to buy tickets!!! I love this show so much I really want to see it!!!!

  5. Idina started in Wicked – ended up being Elsa

    Caroline started in Wicked – ended up being Elsa on Broadway

  6. I like the women in the under armour shirt, she didn't underplay her job or the scale of the project.

  7. I saw this Sunday and it was amazing! I loved Elsa’s vocals and Anna’s character. If you have the chance to see it, you should definitely try to go!

  8. I will never understand why they didn’t cast Idina Menzel as Elsa in the stage version.

  9. I live in Germany and I have to wait about a year to watch the musical…
    And I actually like “monster” more than “Let it go”

  10. I wish I had one of the shirts from the play. I went this past Saturday. I didn’t get to see any of the gifts at all. It was a navy shirt with white writing with Frozen written on bottom in white

  11. I watch frozen on Broadway in 2018. My parents surprised me with tickets For frozen on Broadway

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