In the mid 1990’s, two entertainment moguls along with plenty of huge celebrities like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger came together to create a restaurant business unlike any other. One which took the spirit of Hollywood and brought it to cities around the world like Chicago, Nashville, New York, Las Vegas and Walt Disney World. But as quick as this idea grew, the sooner everything came crashing down. This is the story of Planet Hollywood.

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50 thoughts on “Bankrupt – Planet Hollywood

  1. I completely forgot about these places, ive only ever seen one at Disney Land Paris and other than that ive never seen the point in it

  2. I get what you're saying, the hype just wears off especially for residents of the area.

    I live in western Amman, around 30 minutes away from the dead sea, whenever I tell anyone about that they immediately think I'm the luckiest bastard on the planet, what they don't get tho is that it gets boring after the first couple weeks of summer(we go there almost every weekend in summer)

  3. Hmm I should check out the nyc location when this pandemic ends just to say I went in my lifetime

  4. The theme was great. Everyone had favorite movie stars and the film memorabilia inside was a treat. IMO the biggest reason why so many people were willing to go was for that random chance of running into an actual movie star

    After a while people became wise to the whole gimmick and quit showing up.

  5. They were always very expensive, poor quality food, small portions, and often unhappy waitstaff.
    The best part of the visit was always the memories hanging on the walls. Still, it was a good idea.

  6. not fond of the place but i miss my planet hollywood tee i had as a child

  7. You need to do Casa Bonita its a themed mexican restaurant with caves, villages, and carnival dining rooms. I'm pretty sure it went bankrupt. The only remaining one is in Denver I think.


  9. You should definitely consider doing an episode on the massive failure that was the Penn Central Railroad

  10. Oooohhh….. I think I remember this… I think I've been in one of these….. I just need to see clear shots of the interior…

  11. Malta will be because Malta is a very large tourist destination for Europe, especially for British Tourists so it sort of makes sense

  12. my parents went to the cancun location during their honeymoon!! they still have pictures from inside the restaurant. i’ve always wondered what happened to plant hollywood and now i know!!

  13. My brother worked at the one in Phoenix AZ. Some times he was TURBO MAN and stood out front, welcoming people in. I do remember the chicken fingers were damn good. They were breaded with captain crunch…. and we had a Terminator, Doc Holliday's costume from tombstone, and some Deadites from army of darkness. Cool stuff really.

  14. I'm surprised you didn't include the clip from Last Action Hero where Maria Shriver begs Arnold (the real one) "And remember, don't plug the restaurants. I just hate it when you plug the restaurants or the gyms. It's so tacky."

  15. I used to hang out at the Phoenix location In the later 90s. I got kicked out for smoking clovers lol.

  16. food went down hill, good at first i use to be a regular in london, then after x2 that had the salad missing it just became like fast food , so stopped going, doesn’t surprise me people stopped going

  17. I went to one at wdw as a adult in 2014 after going to wdw in the early 2000s and being told it was too expensive by my parents. The facade was amazing

  18. That’s good that all these idiots are not making any money right now and will all be bankrupt because they can’t do anything else.

  19. i start to hate american food restaurants esp chains.. expensive and just shitty ass food…

  20. Saw the one in Disney Paris a lot always thought it was the coolest thing with the Pink Cadillac in front of it

  21. When I was a kid I went to Disney World Paris for my birthday, my parents decided to go to Planet Hollywood, we ordered a family pizza that was incredibly expensive (like 60 euros jeez) and it was probably the worst pizza I have ever eaten, but because i felt bad that my parents spent so much on that pizza that I ate it all to try to justify it. I ended up with food poising and could barely eat for a month.

  22. Never went to one of these restaurants but always wanted to when i was younger as backed by my favorite movie star's. I cant see how the Hollywood appeal would work if you had too many restaurant locations, there just aren't that many real props to distribute to that many locations and celebs aren't going to visit many of them to promote it.

  23. worked at Planet Hollywood in San Francisco in 1999-2000 just for a year when I was in college. As someone who hadn't grown up in the states, I had a notoriety for accidentally sending celebrities to the waitlist often not having any idea who they were. But look back at my time there with fond memories now. Met George Lucas, Kate Moss, Denver Broncos, Debbie Gibson, TLC, Savage Garden would come in all the time…. no one really a fan of other than Lucas. I remember the bankruptcy was starting back then while I was there and it closed shortly after I left.

  24. I went into a Planet Hollywood in Indianapolis for thirty minutes and left. The music was so loud you couldn't communicate your order to the server let alone hear yourself think. It took half an hour to get my drink and I was one of the handful of customers.

  25. I went to a Planet Hollowwood in Hawaii once…..and it was absolutely awful

    too bad they don't spend as much time training their staff to be polite as they do on all the recreated crap all over the walls

  26. I remember being a kid and seeing everyone in school having Planet Hollywood shirts in the 90s. It was practically a status symbol at the time…like, you’ve been places.

  27. The food at planet Hollywood has gone down and food is expensive and service isn't good

  28. It was a bunch of Hedge funders an movie stars blowing hot air up each other’s arses.

  29. The fresh "royalty" status of celebrities wore off!……..and the momentum from the 80's just steamed out….the Hollywood Machine became so common place. But at the time, it WAS something special.

  30. I remember this place at the Mall of America near Minneapolis in the early 90's. I saw it there and didn't know what is was, so I ignored it. I think I thought it may have been a movie theater and I wasn't there to watch a movie.

  31. That right there at 06:24 is Planet Hollywood in Singapore when it was around in Orchard Road area (it’s gone now but I still remember the location). I do recall it had Stallone being there on its grand opening back in the 90s.

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