Batwoman’s abysmal season has come to an end and the lead ‘actress’ Ruby Rose has quit the roll, which is the least of the show runners worries. After receiving a well deserved 13% audience score. Apparently the critics that the CW were relying on to protect our Pandering Princes of Power couldn’t find the time to review the entire season. Never fear! Rotten Tomatoes will just change the date of old reviews.
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31 thoughts on “Batwoman's 13% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score Proves HERoric Hollywood has FAILED Again

  1. That's the CW for you. There willing to rude this trainwreck right into the ground head on.

  2. I'm just a casual viewer, I like Batwoman so I watched the first episode without knowing anything about it and couldn't bare to watch it all, it's so cringe it's unbearable, none of my friends liked it, to me is a shame, I actually wanted to see a good Batwoman tv series

  3. Given how petite and flat-chested Ruby Rose is, any suit that fits her won't fit "a woman".

  4. Disney owns Rotton Tomatoes and Warner is thier direct competition. Of course they don’t help TIME/WB

  5. you know what i dont get? constantine, was acctuly a good series, i'm not kidding, it was good, and each episode had around 4 million vewers, how is that, contantine, a series with 4 million people watching every episode (even when they changed the day of the show) gets canceled, and batwoman, a shitty show who strugles to get 1 million, gets renewed????

    hell, the main actress left the damn show, as the cast of constantine was ready to continue, they loved the show!
    this is so much bullshit!

  6. Juat seeing the start, all i get is places like rotten tomatoes are bought and paid for. Making their "critics" useless to determine qaulity.

    Leaving us with the old standby of word of mouth.

  7. Thank you Mr Nerdrotic you are so funny .
    Keep up the good work and well done .

  8. I've never looked at Rotten Tomatoes. Seriously. If I want to watch a show, I just watch it and make my own mind up. If I think it's crap, I stop watching. I watched the Arrowverse, for a few years, but gave up watching last year when I got bored. Every show was the same, all the characters were boring, except Legends of Tomorrow, which was fun, to a certain point, but didn't have enough to keep me watching. Batwoman looked bad, so I never even bothered.

  9. Don't care about super heroes….don't watch super hero movies or television shows, and think all tv shows are garbage. Complaining about tv shows about super heroes is like getting a hamburger from mcDonalds and complaining that it doesn't look like the hamburger in the picture…..'cause we all know what to expect from mcd's.

  10. The rats are leaving the sinking ship, but remember that the captain always goes down with it:) But she did herself a big favor leaving, that might save her career, or whats left of it! BUT she cant act her way out of a bag, but then again ,shes progressive, so she will properbly be allright, if not, then McDxxxx always needs people.

  11. hahaha. Lets go after a super rare Alloy/Mineral from another homeworld, makes much more sense then shooting her in the effin mouth.

  12. The SJW aspect doesn't bother me. Straight, gay, bi, trans, I don't care. Just tell me a well written, well thought out story. 20 hours of this Alice story line ain't it. Hell, if you gave me a 20 episode arc of Batman and the Joker this poorly written I would be just as bored.

  13. Technically it isn’t even 8% then it’s more like 8% of the city they’re already in XD

  14. Its a shame. I really like Batwoman they fucking killed her in the liveaction. I still like Batwoman.

  15. Thank you for The Orville recommendation here. I binge watched both seasons in 3 days and it is fan-f'in-tastic!

  16. Lets have a male model play Xena the mighty warrior princess, and it's okay to make him gay, or not, or a cross dresser, and Gabrielle can be the girlfriend, or Joxer the boyfriend. Xena: Warrior Princess was such a good show, hope they don't ruin that next.

  17. Wait? Where is the woman the suit was supposed to fit? I thought it was 12 year old Damian Wayne starring in this show! He he….

  18. Does RT really change the dates of old reviews? That's some shameful shilling.

  19. The Wonder Woman actor is the perfect example of a perfect female lead actress. She doesn't always talk about female empowerment and she actually just cares about a good female character and doesn't stress political agendas

  20. I actually like your videos but that room you sit in doesn’t do you any favors. How could someone take you seriously with 10,000 toys strewn all over the walls?

  21. the saddest part of it all, is that fans generally appreciate a Female hero; It is badass to see a woman bring the heat and take care of business.
    Unfortunately, when creators are restricted to the confines of asinine politics, the character becomes weighed down like a sinking ship… fans are then forced to watch as the amazing potential becomes overshadowed, until there is little more left than a bland and PC-friendly character which will soon become easily forgettable… so sad..

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