Behold Hollywood Hypocrites

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Hollywood Elite Including Willem Dafoe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Adam Driver Pen Letter Calling For “Radical Transformation” Of Society


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33 thoughts on “Behold Hollywood Hypocrites

  1. Ah bring on the mass extinction. We had our turn and we pretty much shat the bed with it. We're regressing as a species anyway; sci fi movies set in 2020 that we all watched growing up had flying cars, machines that printed food, hoverboards and were already sending manned missions to mars. instead we're living like its the 1300's: we're in the midst of a plague and some dipshits still think the earth is flat.

  2. A daily reminder that global communism is still the holder of the worst idiolgy for protecting the environment.

  3. That's the problem with Hollywood celebrities they don't think beyond their own selfish Needs & Wants and because they can't be on a screen being somebody else right now or being on the stage being somebody else right now they have to draw attention to themselves look at me I'm in the spotlight listen to what I say because I'm richer than you there's the problem right there I'm richer than you they think money is here equation with intelligence and I'll tell you one thing what comes out of my body and goes into the toilet is more intelligent then your average Hollywood celebrity there are some that are intelligent and I'll tell you one thing they don't live in California and they don't live in

  4. Last 10 years i have not laughed with them i have laughed at them, and people thankfully became more aware of their bs with how they attacked President Trump when he ran and before he ran he was beloved by most hippy dehoppers and rappers and once he was running as a republican he was the biggest racist in their minds…. they are hypocrites and liars.
    They only want the rest of us to give up stuff as if they would stop flying on their private jets and drive their super cars……

  5. what needs to stop is humanities immense drive for profit…this immeasurable hunger for more power and money which has resulted in all the evil ever in the history of man….pretty much every bad thing in history can be broken down to the greed for profit of a small group or even individual….if we finally get over this stupid instinct, i believe we as humans can evolve to an untold level of peace and prosperity not just for a selected few but everyone. but as long as the single goal of every company and government on this earth is to amass more money and "power", this will not happen.

  6. These celebs should take note from Sean Bean or Keanu Reeves. Be humble, and private.

  7. "THEY"

    keep saying"US"
    WE are NOT Them
    [Except !!RICKY!!! dat muthaf'er ROCKS]

  8. I would venture a guess that each film these elites produce creates more carbon and pollution than any of us do in a lifetime. All these public declarations do is stroke the already overinflated egos of people who have succeeded in life beyond their actual talents.
    Fuck Hollywood.

  9. Man, you're a good content producer but you need to stop with the constant flow of these shite 'woke' videos.

  10. Hollywood mentality: Wealth and prosperity for me, but not for thy.

  11. Like Mr. H said, these people who live in high rise apartments, 5000 square foot homes, massive fresh water pools, fly everywhere they go and consume themselves individuality more than a thousand human beings want 'everyone' to stop the consumerism.

    It's all posturing so they can keep getting roles and say they did it. If everything did suddenly go that way they'd buy up all the property they could outside the western world and live out their days in excess.

    I am disappointed to see Adam Driver attached to this, but gotta keep getting them roles.

  12. I'll start listening to them about fighting global warming when they start promoting nuclear power.

  13. Yeah, I remember when the hole in the ozone was the invisible intangible boogeyman issue, the way the ultra-nebulous "climate change" is today. And then somewhere along the way… they just stopped talking about it. It was probably close to 10 years of not hearing anything about it before I thought to ask "What ever happened with that whole situation?" and nobody present really knew.

  14. 47 Hollywood celebs downvoted this video. Couldn't even get 200. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. It's pure comedy when over 200 Hollywood elites think they're the world power and has the right to dictate what us normal people should and shouldn't do. Nice try elites, but no. 😒

  16. 6:30 Ellen Degeneres did the same thing , found out her mansion is worth 22 million bucks and on camera compared it to a literal prison. ugh.

  17. Celebs keep asking everyone to donate to others but they all forget we are all the others.

  18. As also pointed out when Gal Gadot did her cringey Imagine video thing and said she was losing it , basically as put , it was only "6" days into ths Quuarentine stuff. Jeez lol. 6 days. lol

  19. No problem… they keep their money while taking away the ability for the rest of us to make a living…

  20. Well just watch their movies and that's it ,don't follow them on Twitter , or listen to them on television just take it for what it is

  21. Maybe this is a kind of cabin fever that effects stuck at home movie stars. They need to Netflix & chill like the rest of us.

  22. Driver must duck a mean$*%( because he is one of the ugliest people I've ever seen

  23. Being lectured by gluttonous money hoarders about consumerism, values and the value of life? Fucking wow!
    They should send me their fucking money and then try to tell me how to fucking spend it and see what fucking happens…fucking felching penilinguists!

  24. One only has to look at the 20th Century to see the very same types of voices being on the wrong side of history.

    Henry & Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, Brenda Jackson, Vanessa and Colin Redgrave are early examples of the Radical Left chic that now dominates Hollywood. Just like many of their fellow traveller
    s, they were first apologists for the Soviet Union, then Maoist China.

    The Redgrave's for example joined a far Left political group called the Workers Revolutionary Party in the 1970's, group mired in allegations that its leader, Gerry Healy, had sexually assaulted at least 26 female members. It also cooperated with both Libyan intelligence in monitoring dissidents against Gaddafi, and receiving money from Saddam Huissan's Iraq. Later they and others like Brian Eno and Roger Walters formed Stop the War, a somewhat 'problematic' group associated with Radical Islam and anti-antisemitism.

    It should be noted that this is the same Vanessa Redgrave who was also UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and recieved a CBE from the Queen.

    So its on'y natural that this trend continues, the only thing that has changed is they are now 'saving the planet' rather that 'liberating the working class', but scratch underneath, it's the same dreadful Marxist garbage that lead too about 100 million dead.

    Hollywood actors are wannabe Baader Meinhof's, but are to lazy and stupid for even that that.

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