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31 thoughts on “Bernice Burgos speaks on Being a Grandmother & Age Shaming on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. That’s right us white people are sick and tired of doing everything for you black people,,,, we’ve said it for generations ,,,when will black people learn how to do SOMETHING FOR THEM SELF ,,,DAMN

  2. They all deserve to get a micro penis ; I know they speak their mine but damn too much stupidity

  3. Melyssa Ford isn't light skinned and yes Bernice is darker skinned in my opinion

  4. Ppl actually look up to her ? Role model for what? She sound like and idiot 🥴

  5. She’s not dumb it’s just that she doesn’t articulate herself the way you expect her to or want her to

  6. She is a beautiful lady, no hating or anything but if I was a part of her team I would suggest/arrange some elocution lessons for her, she comes across as unintelligent the way she speaks as her vocabulary is limited and her choice of words are poor.. She obviously is intelligent for getting to where she is career wise but just wished the way she spoke matched.

  7. Melissa you walk around with a thesaurus STOP TALKING TO HER🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. Watching how beautiful, young or more elder women interview and seeing how there is no depth , makes me realize even more how special I am and how much I have to give off to the world. I will be sharing my story and making every interview meaningful, showing my true self and intentions in this life every chance I get

  9. Miserable women hate women who are sexy and they know it. They see that she’s gorgeous; can’t throw stones there, so they say she’s dumb. Pathetic

  10. Thats literally the finnest woman ON PLANET EARTH!!!!!!!! NO CAP!!!!!!!!

  11. Does anyone know who the person Melissa didn't like to interview please

  12. It's really sickening, the haters all over this video. Everybody's not going to be articulate and have it all together. If we all did, what would be the purpose of being on this earth? People get on the come up in different ways. Most of y'all articulate and still broke, mad and struggling. She managed to find her way out. Good for her. You don't like her, don't watch the video. Y'all making her that much more relevant.

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