Be sure to check out David A.R. White’s debut book Between Heaven & Hollywood, Chasing your God given Dream in stores everywhere October 25th.

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7 thoughts on “Between Heaven & Hollywood – Official Trailer

  1. You released a movie on April Fools Day called God's Not Dead 2,. as a comment against Atheists. Will you do something this April Fools Day as well that puts them in their spot? Easter lands on April Fools Day. Will mocking them be even more special being that it's on Easter?

  2. You're a very talented actor. My family and I enjoy watching your films and found them to be very inspiring and uplifting. We just watched on (Netflix) "The Rvelation Road" series but can't believe they only 1 and 3 and not part 2. Looking forward to checking out your book. I've been struggling on what God's will in my life is to be. I have so many interests, art, writing, researching, film and horses. 🙂

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